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"Through our Soft Robotics Research Group (SORRG) we are actively engaged in deriving relationships between nature’s creations and biologically inspired robotic systems, to solve pertaining issues with sustainable and creative solutions. We mainly investigate the areas of medical robotics, surveillance robotics and more recently implementing soft robotics solutions for gait disorders in Sri Lanka. We have observed the existence of primary survival instincts and locomotive methods of Arboreal creatures that can enhance the motions of robots, to explore beyond smooth terrains. Applications of our research shows that exploration is truly limitless, from craters of Volcanoes, to the craters of Mars. We have also developed hand gesture controlled soft robotic manipulators with high precision intended for medical procedures in epidemic environments or surveillance purposes. Cutting edge manufacturing/fabricating facilities (additive manufacturing and lithography techniques), software simulations tools (VREP, SOFA, SOLIDWORKS, ANSYS, ABAQUS, COMSOL) and design packages (MATLAB, Mathematica) with modern tool boxes are used in high quality prototyping and validating. All these have been done with the intention of promoting research culture among young students, facilitating them to push beyond self-imposed boundaries and discover their true potential to become skilful engineers."

Eng.(Mrs) Nimali T Medagedara
Senior Lecturer Gr 1
Principal Investigator



Speech delivered in the World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine 2017

Comparison of Hand Gesture inputs of LMC & DG in to a Soft Finger - IRIS 2017

The Development of a Gesture Controlled Soft Robot Gripping Mechanism -CIAFS 2016


Hand gesture controlled Soft Robot Manipulator

Venture 1.0 - Chameleon Inspired Hybrid Quadrupedal Robot

Venture 1.0 - Field test


Visit of Foreign delegates to the Research lab

3D printing facilities

The visiting Dean of Technology University of Kelaniya

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