Case study of coastal erosion along the coastline of point Pedro area in jaffna peninsula

      Department : Civil Engineering , Author : S. Sureshkumar,G. Achchuthan Abstract

      Keyword : protect the coastline; minimize the impacts, suitable protection mechanisms

A solution to prevent deposits of sediments across the Lunawa outfall and assessment of environmental changes

      Department : Civil Engineering , Author : W.K.S.D. Wijesinghe, G.H.S. Sudesh, A.P.N.K. Premakeerthi Abstract

      Keyword : sediment transport, Mike 21, Lunawa outfall, modelling

Identification of general requirement of sri lankan residual soils for improvement of the selection criteria of pavement material

      Department : Civil Engineering , Author : M.Jegathees, P.Nithiyananthan,B.Srividya Abstract

      Keyword : CBR Level, SPPS, CBR Value

Use of Rice Husk Ash Blended Cement to Manufacturing Cement-Sand Cellular Blocks

      Department : Civil Engineering , Author : A. M. AliRajay and A.Parvathakeethan Abstract

      Keyword : Rice husk ash, Blended cement, Pozzolan, Alternative material to cement

Investigation of Parallel Trusses using Circular Hollow Sections as an Alternative to Universal Beams

      Department : Civil Engineering , Author : H.P.D. Ariyasena, A.U.E.S. Fernando & P. Gunasinghe Abstract

      Keyword : Circular Hollow Sections, universal Beams, cost analysis

Investigation of Chloride Iron Penetration Resistance and Plastic Shrinkage Cracks of Mineral Compound Mix Concrete

      Department : Civil Engineering , Author : R.K.S.Krishanthika, L.A.Perera , A.R.W.M.M.Chandrapala Abstract

      Keyword : Chloride Attack, Bottom Ash, Silica Fume, DOE

Alternative Filler Material for Asphalt Concrete

      Department : Civil Engineering , Author : M.K.K.J.Mawella, T.M.M.Thennakoon, B.A.A.W.Kumara Abstract

      Keyword : Asphalt Concrete, Waste Recycling, Global Warming