1. What are the factors that must be considered when select a land for ginger and turmeric cultivation?
  2. How should I prepare land and soil to be conducive to grow ginger?
  3. What are the recommended soil sterilization methods for ginger cultivation?
  4. How do we prepare healthy seed ginger for planting?
  5. What is the distance of planting ginger and turmeric?
  6. What quantity of ginger and turmeric should I put in a whole while plating?
  7. Will I get more yield if I put higher quantity of ginger and turmeric per hole?
  8. What are the crucial stages of growth of ginger and turmeric that affect the yield?
  9. What is the quantity and frequency of watering for ginger and turmeric?
  10. Do I need to control weeds during ginger and turmeric cultivation?
  11. How can I control weeds in ginger and turmeric?
  12. Can I use weedicide for weed control?
  13. Is mulching important for ginger?
  14. What material can I use as much?
  15. I observed that growing yam of the ginger and turmeric are lifting out of the soil. How can I prevent it?
  16. Can ginger and turmeric grow under full sunlight?
  17. Why is it recommended to grow under shade?
  18. What are the type of fertilizers that required to be added to ginger and turmeric?
  19. How should I do fertilization to get optimum yield?
  20. How to prepare compost from the garden waste?
  21. I observed yellowing of leaf in the apical region from the tip in the ginger plant. Is it a disease?
  22. My ginger cultivation is having plants that are smaller than the rest and having yellowed leaves throughout?
  23. My plants show yellowing and also there is a bad smell emanating from the plants. What is this disease? How can I control them?
  24. How can I control bacterial wilt in ginger?
  25. How can I control Fusarium wilt in the ginger?
  26. How do I confirm that my seed ginger are disease free before they are being planted?
  27. What are the other diseases that may affect my ginger cultivation and how can I prevent them?