The Bachelor of Industrial Studies programme in the area of specialization of Fashion Design and Product Development is a four years honours degree programme which is designed to provide wider theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of fashion design and product development. This programme is ideal for those engaged in the area of product development in the apparel sector and fashion designers who do not have any formal theoretical knowledge in the areas of fashion and apparel.

This degree programme is also suitable for those who are interested in develop their creative ideas in to fashion products, leading to self-employment as fashion designer.

Objectives of the program

  • To train those employees in the fashion and apparel industry who lack theoretical knowledge in fashion design and product development.
  • To develop those who have a desire to set up self-employment in the fashion and apparel fields
  • To train persons who have an interest in developing their careers as freelance fashion designers

Programme duration: Minimum of 4 years for those who are entering the programme after GCE (A/L). However, depending on the availability of time, personal commitments, finances and capabilities, it is possible to spread the duration of study over a longer duration. Those who posses recognized Diploma qualifications from other institutions may be able to complete the programme in 2 or 3 years.

Teaching mode: Distance mode - Limited face to face sessions in the form of lecture hours and laboratory work, printed course materials and online teaching (where available).

Language of study: English

Contents of the Program

Concepts of Fashion Design: Concepts of design includes design elements, principles and the steps involved in fashion design. It discusses the ways of interconnecting design elements and design principles to develop fashion designs.

Process of Fashion Design: Process of fashion design includes the theory of fashion and product life cycles, idea selections, sources of inspiration and range evolution.

Fashion illustration: Discusses the methods and techniques of illustrating fabrics and accessories, human figure drawings and techniques of developing fashion figure illustrations.

Material Identification: Includes identifying materials and accessories to construct fashion garments and outfits.

Garment Analysis & Sewing Machinery: Discusses analyzing garments for operation breakdown, seam types, stitches and sewing machinery for garment construction.

Pattern Making & Product Development: Includes basic knowledge on pattern construction, grading and pattern manipulation for product development.

Management Studies: Discusses basic principles, methods and techniques to manage the apparel industry.

Fashion Marketing: Includes marketing principles, and methods and strategies in fashion marketing

Fashion Projects: This course provides an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge gained throughout the course of study in fashion product development to practically develop a collection of fashion products

Training Modules: This module provides practical exposure to the industry that would help to consolidate the theoretical knowledge and to apply the knowledge and skill in an industrial environment pertaining to the fashion design, product development and garment production.

Programme Code :
Programme Category :
Degree Programme
Conducted by :
Dept. of Textile and Apparel Technology, Faculty of Engineering Technology
Programme duration :
Minimum 4 Years
Discipline(s) / Course(s) :
Fashion Design and Product Development
obtained three passes in any stream, at the General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) Examination, Sri Lanka, in one sitting, or, completed the Certificate in Industrial Studies in Apparel technology offered by the Open University of Sri Lanka, or, completed the Advanced Certificate in Industrial Studies in Apparel technology offered by the Open University of Sri Lanka, or, completion of any foundation Programme offered by the Open University of Sri Lanka, or, secured an equivalent or higher qualification acceptable to the Senate
Starting date of issuing applications :
6th January 2019
Application closing date :
Extended till 16th June 2020
Programme commencing date :


Tuition fees
Level 3 and 4 – 1150/= LKR per credit
Level 5 and 6 – 1750/= LKR per credit

This Under Graduate programme is conducted by the department of Textile and Apparel Technology, Faculty of Engineering Technology. Contact the coordinator, Dr. MER Perera for further details.
Address :
Department of Textile and Apparel Technology, Faculty of Engineering Technology, The Open University of Sri Lanka, Nawala, Nugegoda
Contact :
011 288 1310
Email :
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