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    The Faculty of Education offers a wide range of programmes from Certificate to Post Graduate levels in line with its vision to be a leader of the advancement of knowledge and professional practice in education as a fundamental endeavor through Open and Distance Learning in Sri Lanka and in the Region. It is one of the largest providers of initial and continuous professional development programmes for teachers in the fields of pre-school, primary and secondary and special needs education through the distance mode in Sri Lanka. The student enrollment in the programmes offered by the Faculty is around 4000 in each academic year and the pass rate is above 80%.

    Research is an integral component of the activities within the Faculty and the staff members are actively involved in a number of research projects.

    The vision of the Faculty of Education is to be a leader of the advancement of knowledge and professional practice in education as a fundamental human endeavor through open and distance learning in Sri Lanka and in the region.

    The mission of Faculty of Education is to:

        • Achieve excellence in research and scholarship in the field of Education
        • Prepare professionals for service and leadership roles in education and related areas
        • Constructively inform educational policy makers and to critically appraise educational  policy in Sri Lanka
        • Contribute to curriculum development in general and teacher education in particular
        • Support society to identify and respond to its educational responsibilities and challenges
  • Faculty of HSS

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    The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is the largest Faculty of the Open University of Sri Lanka catering to over 10,000 students in the following programmes ranging from Foundation level to Master's degree level under the four departments of the Faculty. The Faculty is made up of four Academic Departments including Language Studies, Legal Studies, Management Studies,  Social Studies.

    The Faculty is dedicated to employing the Open Distance Learning mode to provide quality educational opportunities for adult learners for professional and personal advancement and excellence in scholarship and researching in contemporary disciplines in Humanities and  Social Science

    The Role of the Open University of Sri Lanka in the Nation’s System of Education

    The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) which was established in 1980 completed  30 years of its  services to the nation as a leading provider of Open and Distance Learning in higher education. It is a national university created under the Universities Act No. 16 of 1978 and also under the provisions of the Open University of Sri Lanka Ordinance No. 1 of 1990.

    In this endeavour the university focuses on the need for higher education of the adult groups as well as the young school leavers who have missed the opportunity of entering the conventional universities. Thus we offer a variety of educational programmes ranging from foundation level courses to higher level research degrees to cater to the needs of our clientele. Currently the Faculty has a student population of over 10,000 enrolled in the programmes offered by the four departments of the Faculty. As a leader in open and distance learning, the OUSL has set the trend by integrating boundaryless pedagogical approaches to learning giving opportunity for the learner to accomplish his/her goals of higher education at a pace that meets individual requirements. During the 30 years of its history the university has been able to develop a wide mix of educational aids consisting of audio-visual aids, printed study materials and interactive learning aids that can be accessed by the learners.

    Nature of the Programmes Offered by the Faculty of Humanaties & Social Sciences

    The academic programmes of the OUSL are designed primarily for adult students who are employed as well as non-employed The Faculty offers a diverse range of programmes which enable students to enter a programme in keeping with their present educational qualifications. Students who already possess conventional qualifications can gain direct entry to Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate Degree Programmes. The Faculty also offers Foundation Programmes for Students who do not possess conventional qualifications. Successful completion of the Foundation Programmes entitle the students to enter higher level study programmes.

    Status Accorded to OUSL Qualifications

    By Public Administration Circular No 16/92 of 13th March 1992, the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs directed all government institutions to confer status to Open University qualifications on par with other National University qualifications.

    The Open University was formed by amalgamating the two institutions, Sri Lanka Institute of Distance Education (SLIDE) and the External Services Agency ( ESA) which offered degree courses in various subjects.

    The Open University was officially opened on the 1st of August 1980 by the late Honorable President, J.R. Jayawardena.

    At that time it was housed in the curriculum center at Buller’s Road, Colombo 07 and later came into residence at Nawala in a temporary building. The first Vice Chancellor was Prof. P.D. Gunatilake.

    The Open University of Sri Lanka had initially only two Boards of Study. The Board of Study for Humanities and Social Sciences and the Board of Study for Management, Science and Technology.

    Board of Study had academic advisory committees which may also include persons other than members of the Board. The branches of the learning in the Board of Study for Humanities and Social Sciences were:

    Humanities and Social Sciences
    Educational Studies

    The branches of the learning in the Board of Study for Management, Science and Technology were:

    • Management Studies and Commerce
    • Pure Science and Mathematics; and
    • Applied Science and Technology

    In 1990, HSS was recognized as one faculty, under the Open University and it had these departments:

    • Education
    • Legal Studies
    • Language Studies
    • Management Studies
    • Social Studies

    There were few number of staff members at the beginning of the faculty of HSS.

    Changes of Deans from the start of Humanities and Social Sciences.

    • Prof. (Mrs.) Kotalawala
    • Prof(Mrs).Goonesekera
    • Prof (Mrs.) R. Raheem
    • Prof. D.A. Kotalawele
    • Prof. (Mrs.) Goonawardena
    • Prof. Upali Vidanapathirana
    • Prof. S. Ranasinghe
    • Dr. K.B.A. Silva
    • Dr. B.M.P. Mendis
    • Pro. Camena Guneratne - (At Present)

    Department of Education was separated out as one Faculty from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences on February 1st 2003.

    Now the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty has the largest number of students over 10,000 enrolled into the different study programmes of the four departments.

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  • Faculty of Management Studies

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    The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) was established in 1980 as the premier Open and Distance Learning Institution in Sri Lanka where students and adults could pursue their studies through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) methodologies. OUSL has a long history of management education and commenced teaching management as early as in 1980. In its illustrious history of academic excellence, efficiency and equity we have contributed to the development of management education in Sri Lanka.

    The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) of OUSL was established with the purpose of imparting management knowledge for the development of management skills and appropriate management attitudes. In pursuance of this broad objective, services are provided to a wide spectrum of clients comprising young school leavers, managers, public administrators and small and medium scale entrepreneurs. The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) comprises the Academic Departments of Organizational Studies (DOS), Accounting and Finance (DAF), Human Resource Management (DHR) and Marketing Management (DMM). The faculty is committed to the promotion of management education and research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, we offer management education from certificate level to PhD level through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) methodologies.

    To be the premier Open and Distance Learning Management Education Faculty in Asia and ensure excellence, efficiency and equality in lifelong learning.

    To enhance access to high quality, affordable, relevant, professional management education through Open and Distance Learning and ensure the highest standards of learning, teaching, research and scholarship, consulting and promoting partnership among academics, professionals, private and public sector institutions to achieve the wider objectives of the Faculty and the University, and to enhance national and global managerial capacities.

    The proposed Faculty of Management Studies at the Open University of Sri Lanka shall commit to the realisation of the following objectives:

    • to provide high quality, student-centred learning experiences in management education through a variety of academic programmes/courses and research
    • to encourage research and development in the field of management and ODL.
    • to strengthen management education in all regions covering all districts islandwide through ODL technology
    • to cater to human capital needs of the private and public sector through upgrading knowledge, skills and attitudes of the practicing management professionals
    • to develop the capacity of counselling the public and private sector organizations for their organizational issues
    • to facilitate professionals to ensure career advancement through lifelong learning in management.
    • to be an authorized and reputed centre of excellence in management education at OUSL by collaborating with national and international institutions
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences

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    The  Faculty  of  Natural  Sciences  conducts  a  variety  of  study programmes  including  the  Degree  Programmes  leading  to  B.Sc and  several  Diploma/Certificate  programmes.

    The  Faculty  functions  under  the  leadership  of  the  Dean  who  is the administrative  and  the  academic  Head.   It  also has  a large number  of  experienced  and  qualified  teaching  staff  to  help  the students  in  their  studies.  The five academic departments of the Faculty are: Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science, Physics and Zoology.

    To be innovative in teaching-learning and research demonstrating leadership in open and distance learning in the field of science, with a commitment to achieve nation goals.

    • To develop a new generation of energetic and motivated personnel who will be successful in their academic,career and life-long learning goals.
    • To offer quality programmes that are informed by national goals and demands for higher education and professional development of learners.
    • To promote and support research, scholarship and enterprise activities.
    • To support the community and the nation through collaborative partnerships and public service.
    • To increase outreach of basic and applied sciences through a flexible system of open access.

    Five Year Plan for Level 5 Optional Courses

    Calling for Applications - B.Sc. Special Degree programme, 2019/2020 (SP1 Structure)

    Information for Students - 2019/2020 (NS 1)

    Application for consideration for the Award of the B.Sc. Degree (90 credits) - Convocation 2018 NS1 Programme Structure - Offered from 2009/2010 to 2015/2016

    Application for consideration for the Award of the Higher Diploma (60 credits) NS1 Programme Structure - Offered from 2009/2010 to 2015/2016

    Application for consideration for the Award of the Higher Diploma (60 credits) S1 Programme Structure

    Application for Consideration for the Award of the BSc Hons Degree (120 credits) - Convocation 2018,NS1 Programme Struvture - Offered from 2009/2010 to 2015/2016






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