• Bachelor of Management Studies

    Apply Online from 21st January 2018 to 25th February 2018

    In our rapidly changing socio-economic environment there is a growing demand for trained personnel in the management of business and other managerial fields. Conceptually equipped, trained managers are increasingly in demand.

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

    Many business enterprises in Sri Lanka belong to the small business category. Most of these enterprises are located outside the capital city of Colombo. Employment in the rural sector is also generated by small business ventures. The government has recognized the socio economic significance of the small business sector and has instituted policies to encourage and promote small business activities.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

    Who Should Join This Programme? Practicing Managers from any field who aspire to pursue a career in HR. HRM Practitioners from the industry. CEOs and Higher Management. Academics, Trainers, Researchers and Consultants.

  • Short Course in Academic Writing and Research Methods in the Social Sciences and Humanities

    This course is a unique combination of research methodology and writing-giving participants hands-on experience in conceptualizing and designing a research project along with the skills to effectively communicate research in line with international best practices and conventions.

  • Short Course in Human Resource Management

    The short course in Human Resource Management (HRM) aims to introduce the key concepts and theories in HRM while comparing and contrasting them with the ‘actual’ HR policies and practices as carried out by HR practitioners in local organizations.


  • Short Course in Marketing Management

    The Short Course in Marketing Management aims to introduce the key concepts and theories in marketing while comparing and contrasting them with the real marketing practices carried out by marketing professionals in organizations.