1. When does the course commence?
  2. Activities will commence from first week of January 2016

  3. How many subjects in an academic year?
  4. Minimum-09 Credits
    Number of courses are depend on credit ratings.

  5. What is the course fee?
  6. Rs 1000 per credit at Levels 1-2
    Rs 650 per credit at Levels 3-4
    Rs 1000 per credit at Levels 5-6
    Rs 4000 per credit at levels 7-8

  7. What if I don’t have A/Ls?
  8. No equivalent to cover all course at A/L it will be assessed on individual basis.If you have any qualifications other than A/L you have to check the list of exemption. If your qualification are not listed you have to make a request to assess your qualification from the faculty.

  9. When do you conduct classes?
  10. (Exact date Saturday or Sunday)
    Dates are given in the Activity diary.First dayschool will be commenced from 2nd Januaray 2016.Most of the dayschools are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays.

  11. What is the course duration
  12. Minimum Duration will be 04 academic years.

  13. How can I get exemptions?
  14. BTech program-pg 55-62
    BIS program-pg 80-83
    BSE program-pg95-98
    DSIT program-pg111

  15. Where do you conduct lectures? CRC
  16. Depends on facilities available in the Regional Centres(RC’s). Some of the Level 03 courses at all RC’s. All other courses at Colombo Regional Centre(CRC)

  17. What are the lecture hours?
  18. From 9.00 am – 4.00 pm. But in some exceptional mcases it will go up to 5.30 pm.

  19. How do you conduct classes?
  20. Dayschools are usually face to face teaching sessions and Lab classes are practical oriented sessions.

  21. Can I get more credits in one year?
  22. You can get up to Maximum of 45 credits per year.

  23. What is the medium of instruction?
  24. Medium of instructions are in English.

  25. Are there lab practical sessions?
  26. Refer the Activity Diary for Lab classes.

  27. How can I select subjects in disciplinary way?
  28. Refer Student Guide book pages given below. But if You have any doubts you can contact any academic staff member and get the advice with a prior appointment.
    BTech program-pg 35-43
    BIS program-pg 65-71
    BSE program-pg 88-89
    DSIT program-pg108

  29. How can I book Practicals?
  30. At the time of registration according to the given groups.

  31. What are the entry requirements

Please refer the pages of the Guide Book.
BTech program- pg32
BIS program – pg 64
BSE program – pg 86
DSIT program – pg106

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