Upcoming programmes

  • Advanced Certificate in Science

    Science and Engineering Foundation Courses are designed to encourage those without the basic entry qualifications to pursue higher studies in Science and Engineering Technology to achieve such qualifications. Courses are delivered according to the Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF) Guidelines and will be of two-year duration. The credit content of courses is thirty (30) per each level, which will include six (6) courses, each of five (5) credit weightage totaling up to ten (10) credit of courses each for a discipline. The main disciplines are Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. The courses will be offered jointly by the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering Technology through the Foundation Academic Unit of the University.

  • Bachelor of Education Honours in Primary Education

    BEd in Primary Education Brochure

  • Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education

  • Bachelor of Science

  • Diploma in English Language & Literature

  • Master of Arts in Teaching Literature in a Second Language Context

  • Master of Education

  • Master of Energy Management (MEM)

    Sustainable power generation and utilization have become critical global issues, especially in the backdrop of depleting fossil fuel reserves and global environmental impacts. With the sharp increase in demand for electricity in domestic as well as commercial and industry sectors, Sri Lanka has to seriously pay attention to sustainable generation and use of energy to alleviate unfavorable impacts.

  • Master of Science in Environmental Science

    The Master of Science in Environmental Sciences [MSc in Env. Sc.] is a programme of study developed in recognition of the importance of environmental concerns in today's world.The programme aims to provide academic knowledge and training needed to tackle environmental problems through a multi-disciplinary approach. The MSc (Env.Sci) programme involves courses from four faculties (Natural Sciences, Engineering Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences & Education) of the OUSL. This represents the multi -disciplinary nature of the programme.

  • Master of Science in Structural Engineering

    The ‘Master of Science in Structural Engineering’ programme provides an innovative approach to manage complex problems with an integrated perspective. The proposed curriculum hopes to train Civil Engineers to apply their technical understanding of systems in engineering, design, and implementation to develop strategies to make economical, healthy, and sustainable environments.

  • Short Course in ICT for Beginners

    Short Course in  Enhancing Teacher Capacities in Teaching ICT

    This short course is mainly designed to provide an in-depth knowledge to those who are learning ICT for their G.C.E. (A/L). Highly recommended for those who have done their G.C.E. O/L and awaiting results

  • Short Course in Professional Web Development Using Joomla & Wordpress

    Joomla and Wordpress which are the most popular PHP CMS today, provide great management of website with less effort. Using CMS (Content Management System) one can manage the whole website through an administrator panel. First sessions in this course are allocated to build up your knowledge of HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP, Mysql, Apache web server to equip you to work with CMS.

    10 Days Saturdays 8.30am - 4.30pm


  • The Bachelor of Education Honours in Natural Sciences Degree Programme