Upcoming programmes

  • Advanced Certificate in Apparel Technology

  • Advanced Certificate in Wildlife Conservation and Management

  • Bachelor of Education Honours in Natural Sciences

  • Bachelor of Education Honours in Primary Education

    BEd in Primary Education Brochure

    BEd in Primary Education Brochure

  • Bachelor of Industrial Studies - Apparel Production and Management

    The Bachelor of Industrial Studies - Apparel Production and Management program is a four year degree program and is designed to provide a wider theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of garment industry and manufacturing process. This program is ideal for employees engaged in the area of apparel manufacturing sector without a formal theoretical knowledge about the process. This degree program is also suitable for those who are interested to develop their creative ideas as garment products leading to self-employment as garment manufacture or small scale garment manufacturer.

  • Bachelor of Industrial Studies - Fashion Design and Product Development

    The Bachelor of Industrial Studies programme in the area of specialization of Fashion Design and Product Development is a four years honours degree programme which is designed to provide wider theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of fashion design and product development. This programme is ideal for those engaged in the area of product development in the apparel sector and fashion designers who do not have any formal theoretical knowledge in the areas of fashion and apparel. This degree programme is also suitable for those who are interested in develop their creative ideas in to fashion products, leading to self-employment as fashion designer.

  • Bachelor of Industrial Studies - Textile Manufacture

    Bachelor of Industrial Studies - Textile Manufacture program is designed to provide an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge in the area of production of textile materials such as fibres, yarns and fabrics. Finishing process of fabrics, quality control and some managerial aspects will also be taught under this program.

  • Bachelor of Industrial Studies Honours

  • Bachelor of Management Studies

    In our rapidly changing socio-economic environment there is a growing demand for trained personnel in the management of business and other managerial fields. Conceptually equipped, trained managers are increasingly in demand.

  • Bachelor of Science

  • Bachelor of Technology - Textile & Clothing Engineering

    This program is a 4 year degree program to provide in-depth knowledge and skill for the Textile and clothing industry employees at junior manager level and technical grades in the industry within the engineering profession. This will also provide an opportunity to upgrade management skills required to maintain an organization as senior managers.

  • Bachelor of Technology Honours in Engineering

  • Plant Breeding Techniques (Short Course)

    Issuing of Applications from: 15th January 2019 to 15th August 2019 (Limited to 30 students (First-come, first-served basis))

    Plant breeding is the art and science of changing the genetics of plants for the benefit of humankind. It can be achieved through many different techniques ranging from simply selecting plants with desirable characteristics for propagation, to more complicated tissue culture and molecular techniques.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Practice in English (PGDip PPE)

    An innovative one-year intensive English language enhancement and communication course offered by highly experienced and qualified faculty. The program has a strong practice orientation and integrates insights from key stakeholders in the industry -- backed by the academic excellence of the Postgraduate Institute of English and The Open University of Sri Lanka.

  • Programme in Tamil Programme in Sinhala

    This programme focuses on developing the four major language skills, viz. listening, speaking, reading and writing and also the appropriate use of grammar. The programme also pays special attention to the needs of employees in the government sector and private sector who wish to improve their communication skills in Tamil, in order that they may function more efficiently at their places of work. A variety of exercises, tasks and activities have been designed following the communicative method of language teaching. This has been especially designed for those whose first language is Sinhala/ Tamil

  • Short Course in Computer Networks & Security

    Apply Now! Closing Date for Applications: 3rd May 2019

    Introduction to Computer Networks, Network Models, OSI Layer, Identifying Networking Equipment and Interfaces, Configuring LAN and WAN, Network Routing / Remote Access, Setting up Windows / Linux Servers and Clients, Configuring Networking Applications: e-mail, FTP, DNS, DHCP, Database, Web, WIKI and related new technologies, Computer Information and Network Security, Setting up a software firewall, Wireless networking applications, Designing a Secure network with components through a simulator (as a project), Maintenance of Computer Networks.

    06 Months Saturdays 9am - 4pm


  • Short Course in ICT for Beginners

    This short course is mainly designed to provide an in-depth knowledge to those who are learning ICT for their G.C.E. (A/L). Highly recommended for those who have done their G.C.E. O/L and awaiting results