Upcoming programmes

  • Bachelor of Arts in English and English Language Teaching

  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

  • Certificate in Social Sciences

  • Foundation Courses for Science and Engineering Degree Programmes

    Science and Engineering Foundation Courses are designed to encourage those without the basic entry qualifications to pursue higher studies in Science and Engineering Technology to achieve such qualifications. Courses are delivered according to the Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF) Guidelines and will be of two-year duration. The credit content of courses is thirty (30) per each level, which will include six (6) courses, each of five (5) credit weightage totaling up to ten (10) credit of courses each for a discipline. The main disciplines are Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. The courses will be offered jointly by the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering Technology through the Foundation Academic Unit of the University.

  • Master of Education

  • Short Course in Computer Networks & Security

    Apply Now! Closing Date for Applications: 3rd August 2018

    Introduction to Computer Networks, Network Models, OSI Layer, Identifying Networking Equipment and Interfaces, Configuring LAN and WAN, Network Routing / Remote Access, Setting up Windows / Linux Servers and Clients, Configuring Networking Applications: e-mail, FTP, DNS, DHCP, Database, Web, WIKI and related new technologies, Computer Information and Network Security, Setting up a software firewall, Wireless networking applications, Designing a Secure network with components through a simulator (as a project), Maintenance of Computer Networks.

    06 Months Saturdays 9am - 4pm


  • Short Course in Computerized Accounting

  • Short Course in Financial Accounting

    The Short Course in Financial Accounting aims to introduce the key concepts and theories in Financial Accounting to the participants. This course equips students with skills such as, numerical and logical thinking, attention to details and analytical thinking, which are required for manipulating and organizing of financial data in order to make sound business decisions in an efficient and effective manner.

  • Short Course in Human Resource Training and Development (SCHRTD)

  • Short Course in Professional Computer Applications

    The Department of Computer Science conducts the Certificate in Professional Computer Applications (CPCA) that would enhance the knowledge and skills of the students in Computer Applications.

    06 Months Sundays 9am - 4pm

  • Short course in Tourism and Hotel Operation

    This programme will train students at basic levels in the fast-developing tourism and hotel industry. It is suitable for schools leavers who are interested in a career in tourism and hotel industry, and others who are already employed in the industry.

  • Workshop on “Supporting Children with Speech and Language Difficulties’’

    The development and use of speech and language is at the heart of young children’s learning. Children require good speech and language skills to make friends, to participate in group activities and to engage in the learning process. It is vitally important to ensure that we do everything that we can to help all children with Speech and Language Difficulties.