The International Academic Relations Division (IRD) is tasked with spearheading the growth of OUSL internationally by encouraging and guiding cross directional engagement with academic institutes, governmental, non-governmental and corporate entities.
The IRD was established in October of 2013. At that point, the University had recognised the importance of establishing collaborative relationships to increase its international standing, build its global profile, increase the recognition of its academic offerings and conduct high impact research. This vision also aligns with the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) position for strengthening the education sector of the country through international collaboration.
The University aims to ensure that it has sufficient faculty and institution level agreements in place to meet the growing needs of Sri Lanka’s student population and that of the broader international community. The IRD provides expert advice and guidance to the University on the development of international relations strategies and the establishment of formal relationships and partnerships with universities and other entities around the world.
The objectives of the IRD are to:
    • develop staff, students and graduates as global citizens and learners;
    • prepare graduates for successful participation in transnational labour markets and the global economy;
    • contribute to the achievement of international standards in research and teaching;
    • secure opportunities for OUSL staff to develop as internationally relevant and respected researchers and teachers;
    • facilitate internationally significant research and other projects that advance the region;
    • facilitate the development of productive links between the regional community and international communities.

The Team:

The IRD undertakes all its activities under the direct guidance of the Vice Chancellor.

Prof Rajendra

Professor J. C. N. Rajendra 
B.Sc. (Jaffna), D.Phil. (Sussex), CPhys (UK), MInstP (UK), M.I.P(SL)


Ms Chandi Perera
BSc Finance (Sp) USJP, CBA
Assistant Director



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