IQAU – Board of Management

Chairperson Prof. S.A.M.A.N.S. Senanayake
Secretary Ms. K.P.P. Dilrukshi
Vice Chancellor or DVC in attendance Prof. S.A Ariadurai ,  Dr.A.P. Madurapperuma
Dean/Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Dr. S.N. Morais
Dean/Faculty of Education Prof .S.P.Karunanayake
Dean/Faculty of Natural Sciences Prof. J.C.N. Rajendra
Dean/Faculty of Engineering Technology Prof.D.A.R.Dolage
Dean/Faculty of Health Sciences Prof .G.R.Ranawaka
Dean/Faculty of Management Studies Dr. V. Sivalogathasan
Librarian Dr. W.Senevirathne
Director/Staff Development Dr. S. Welikela
Director/Regional Education Services Dr. N.S. Abeysinghe
Director/Center of Education Technology and Media Dr.  J.  Wattevidanage
Registrar Mrs. V. Jayasena
Bursar Dr. W.M.K.G.A.Wickremasingha
Director/Post Graduate Institute of English Dr.H.S.Rambukwella  
Coordinator IQAC/Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Dr. D.E. Devendra
Coordinator IQAC/Faculty of Education Dr. D.V.M.De Silva
Coordinator IQAC/Faculty of Natural Sciences Dr. K.O.L.C.Karunanayake    
Coordinator IQAC/Faculty of Engineering Technology Ms. T.S.S. Jatunarachchi
Coordinator IQAC/Faculty of Health Sciences Dr. H.M.C.J. Herath
Coordinator IQAC/Faculty of Management Studies Dr. H.D.D.Champika
Coordinator IQAC/CETME Dr. B.G.Jayathilake


Committees to monitor QA activities have been established at the faculty level with representatives from different department of study. They review QA activities within their faculties and progress of such activities are reported monthly, at Faculty board meetings.