J.M.K.S. Goonesekera – Ph.D - Zoology – Faculty of Natural Sciences (Extreme left seated),
M.M.Gunawardhana – M.Phil – Agricultural & Plantation Engineering – Faculty of Engineering Technology – (2nd left)
G.V.N. Aiome – M. Phil - Agricultural & Plantation Engineering – Faculty of Engineering Technology – (3nd left seated),
I.M.P.S. Jayawardena – Ph.D – Physics - Faculty of Natural Sciences (4th left seated)
S.A.D.A.N Dissanayake- M.Phil – Electrical & Computer Engineering - Faculty of Engineering Technology – (5th left)


Gold Medalists – 2016


D Jayasuriya


Donated by: Mrs. D Jayasuriya

Awarded to: Miss P. K. Priyanthika

"I appreciate the high standard of education at the OUSL. I gained a lot of experience as an ODL student. In fact it was a refreshing experience being at the OUSL—away from traditional methods of teaching and learning. I hope to continue my studies…and will always remember the OUSL as very human-centered university. "



Donated by : Dr. O. P. Kulshreshtha

Awarded to : Mr. W. A. D. M. Weragoda

Bachelor of Technology(Engineering)

"I was unable to enter a conventional university… yet my dream of becoming an Engineer was finally achieved with the OUSL. The beginnings were tough: I had to shift from conventional methods of learning to non-conventional methods. I was a mediocre reader—and here I had to read! Things got better day by day, thanks to some wonderful lecturers. Finally, I was on the right track. I enjoyed the peer learning—or “Kuppi” sessions. The OUSL learning was all-rounded: I learned team work, and the art of organizing events and projects. It was not just walk in the park! But at the end of the day, it was a wonderful chapter in my life and I am really grateful to everyone who was a part of it"


SisaraEngineering Research Unit Gold Medal for the Best Technical Paper Based on the Project in Bachelor of Technology Honours in Engineering-2016

Donated by : Engineering Research Unit

Awarded to : Mr. M. S. S. Perera

Bachelor of Technology(Engineering)

“Many factors led to me become a part of this prestigious university: the quality of education, ODL method, the career placement rate, and the fact that the OUSL degrees are UGC approved. In terms of experience, I have no words to articulate my thoughts. In my five years of stay at this university gave me the perfect poise and balance. Perhaps, I cannot put that into better words. So I like to say to everyone: “THINK – DECIDE -APPLY –OUSL.”


ClarenceThurairajah Gold Medal for the Best Project in Bachelor of Technology Honours in Engineering & S M Abeygunesekera De Silva Gold Medal for the Best Student in Mechatronics Engineering in Bachelor of Technology Honours in Engineering     

Bachelor of Technology (Engineering)

Donated by : Engineering Research Unit

Donated by : Prof. Clarence W de Silva   

Awarded to : Mr. A. V. V. S. Bandara

“I am delighted to say that I have now completed my B.Tech degree in Mechatronics Engineering at the OUSL. I was unable to enter a conventional university. But I was drawn to the OUSL owing to the ODL system. Here there is good interaction between students from different disciplines. Ability to exchange ideas with students from different disciplines had tremendous impact on my learning experience. I would like to thank my parents, academic and non-academic staff of the OUSL, my batch mates and seniors, for their invaluable help and guidance during the past five years”


AnushkaLiyanaguruge Assie Annette De Silva Gold Medal for the Best Student in Agriculture in Bachelor of Industrial Studies Honours - 2016

Donated by : Dr. P. Roshan De Silva

Awarded to : Miss. K. M. A. S. Konara

Bachelor of Industrial Studies

“Graduation is an exciting time—an ending and a beginning; time to reflect on the warm memories of the past and dreams of the future. Thank you OUSL for giving me the opportunity to become a shining star in space and time.”


NipunVirtusa Academic Excellence Gold Medal for the Best Student in Bachelor Of Software Engineering Honours - 2016

Donated by : Virtusa Pvt.(Ltd).

Awarded to : Mr. S. A. N. D. Suriyaarachchi

Bachelor of Software Engineering                            

“It was not an easy journey by all means. I began the Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSE) program in November, 2013. I attended all day schools, lab sessions, guest lectures, workshops and other extra-curricular activities. As a result, I did not have to repeat or re-sit courses. While studying I got the opportunity to work at Virtusa Pvt. Ltd as an Associate Engineer and soon became permanently employed. Hence industrial training was exempted. The secret of my success was that I was determined to do my best and I achieved my objectives. The university and my family supported me all the way. If there is a will, there is a way! Believe in yourself, think out of the box, never ever give up under any circumstances and try and try until you achieve your final goal”


NadeeshaniAthabasca University Gold Medal for Excellence In BSc Nursing - 2016

Donated by : President, Athabasca University, Canada

Awarded to : Miss P. N. Hewabatage

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Open University - opened the door to accomplish the dream I once missed.


ChampikaKrishanthi Wijetunga De Silva Memorial Gold Medal for Law - 2016

Donated by : Ivor Wijetunge

Awarded to : Miss T. C. Indigahawala

Bachelor`S Degree in Laws



IfrahJawardGamani Corea Gold Medal for the Best Student in BA in Social Sciences & the Anura Goonasekara Gold Medal for the Best Student in Mass Communication in BA in Social Sciences

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

Donated by : Asia Foundation of Sri Lanka

Donated by : Mrs. J. Goonasekara

Awarded to : Ms. F. I. Jaward

“My journey at the OUSL can be captured in one phrase: 'life-changing.' I never had second thoughts about pursuing my higher studies at this world-recognized national university. The idea of working and studying was my primary motivator. I succeeded in my scholarly endeavors, and in addition developed my interpersonal skills. All can be attributed to hard work and expert guidance from my lecturers.”


FathimaShiranaH. A. D. S. Gunasekera Gold Medal For Excellence in Economics in BA in Social Sciences-2016

Donated by : Prof. S.S.Colombage

Awarded to: Ms. Z. S. H. F. Shirana

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

“After finishing my G.C.E A/L examination, I had to make a critical decision about the next step in my life. Being a full time teacher in a reputed international school in Kandy, I was attracted to the ODL method at the OUSL. The ODL helped me immensely. It helped me achieve my academic goals and enhance my personality and character. In addition I was surrounded by comprehensive course materials, talented lecturers, excellent library facilities and gentle green surroundings of the OUSL Kandy Regional Centre. I was lucky to be in a class with students representing different ethnic communities—this broadened my mind and taught me to appreciate and respect diversity.”


SafwaFarookGold Medal for the Best Performance in Management Studies - 2016

Donated by : Department of Management Studies

Awarded to : Miss F. S. Farook

Bachelor of Management Studies Degree

“The OUSL is a vast space for learning and gaining wisdom that is timeless."


ThushariDB Ellepola Gold Medal For Science-2016

Donated by : Mr. C. Ellepola

Awarded to : Miss N. W. P. T. N. Perera




Prizes – 2016


NadeeshaniRoberta L Carey Prize for Excellence in Nursing & Chandra de Silva Memorial Award in Nursing

Donated by: Prof. Roberta L Carey

Donated by: Mr. PLN de Silva

Awarded to: Miss P. N. Hewabatage

Bachelor of Science in Nursing


thilakarathneAthulathmudali Prize for Jurisprudence & Placidus Wijeyesekere Memorial Prize for the Best Student in Land Law

Donated by: Lalith Athulathmudali

Donated by: Prof. D S Wijeyesekera

Awarded to: Miss W. G. T. Y. Thilakarathne

Bachelor`s Degree in Laws


Faculty of Natural Sciences Prize for the Best Performance in

01. Zoology

TennakoonMiss A. W. G. T. H. M. T. K. Tennakoon

"Selecting OUSL for my higher studies was easy because of the ODL method. Through a mix of self-study, teacher-student interaction, modern text books, practical and field work sessions and virtual learning facilities I was able to enhance my learning experience. The updated collection of books at the library motivated me to spend most of my time there. The degrees offered by the OUSL are well recognized in the government and the private sector. As a result, I was able to get a job opportunity in a private sector multinational laboratory even before the graduation ceremony"


02. Botany

KarunasagaraMiss S. S. L. Karunasagara






03. Chemistry

ShimlaMiss M. N. F. Shimla

"Graduation is not the end of education, but a part of the larger journey of life. The B.Sc. programme taught me many things and enhanced my thinking. Being a student of the OUSL gave each one of us new experiences. It made us more confident; we learned time management and a lot of new skills relevant for life. We reached great heights, and we equipped ourselves with the necessary tools to take on the future."



04. Physics


Miss D. M. S. K. Dissanayake

“The OUSL has been a great opportunity for me. I achieved my goals through self-learning and hard work along with proper guidance from my lecturers”




05. Pure & Applied Mathematics

ThushariMiss N. W. P. T. N. Perera