The Department of Agricultural and Plantation Engineering showcased ten products that were produced by students and faculty members at the Pro Food Pack Ag Biz 2017 this month. The main theme of the stall was “Organic farming, Sustainability and Longevity”. There was an enthusiastic crowd who visited the stallas well as those who were interestedin further collaboration with and development of our products. The Exhibition was held from the 4th to 6th August at the BMICH. The participation at this exhibition was initiated by Dr. Nimsha Weerakody, Head of the Department of Agricultural & Plantation Engineering. The Public Information Division of the OUSL, also publicized these programmes and coordinated the publicity material, stall design and logistics.

Further, two products, the Electronic Nose and the Natural Safe Anti – Bio Film Spray, were selected for another exhibition the Comic Con Exhibition, on 26th and 27th of September 2017.

The following products were evaluated by a panel of eminent judges, the results will be realised early next year.

  1. Natural Safe Anti – Bio Fil Spray – spice and flavoring agent with the use of Galangal
  2. Electronic Nose – this machine can detect whether meat is in healthy condition by detecting evolving gases
  3. Flavored Tea Cube – instant thirst quencher
  4. Breakfast Cup – is a nutritious pre-prepared ready to eat meal consisting of Rice flakes, milk, yoghurt, carrots, beet and dried fruit
  5. Bambusa Plates- - made from bamboo sheaths this is an alternative to synthetic foam and plastic products
  6. Nutrient Bar – ideal for school children and office workers as it provides instant energy,the product is made from rice flakes, popcorn, cereals, legumes, peanuts, bees honey, dehydrated fruits and moringa leaves
  7. Cottella spread – aspread that has a good source of fatty acids made of our original Kottamba seeds
  8. High Fiber Veg-ball – agood source of dietary fiber made out of kohila, help to control diabetes, cholesterol and disorders in the intestine
  9. Live straw – a straw that detects high levels of chlorinated water
  10. Natural Colorant – a natural colorant from the red kottamba fruit pulp useful as a coloring agent