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Participants, the Panel of Judges & Sponsors of the 3D Printing Camp

"3D printing" originally referred to a process that deposits a binder material onto a powder bed with inkjet printer heads layer by layer. More recently, the term is being used in popular vernacular to encompass a wider variety of additive manufacturing techniques. In the current scenario, 3D printing has been used in manufacturing, medical, industry and socio-cultural sectors and 3D printing is on the fast track to become a successful commercial technology. In fact, it is a novel technology that is yet to be embraced by the emerging fields of SoftRoboticsTechnology in Sri Lanka.

X-Station powered by Mobitel joined hands with “Thrimana 3D Printers” to organize a “3D Printing Camp” for the first time in Sri Lanka. This camp focused on school children under the guidance of the Ministry of Education in line with the Global 3D Printing Day” which fell on 3rd December 2017. A team of Soft Robotics Research Group from the OUSL, namely Eng. [Mrs]. T.M.D.N. T. Medagedara, Eng. P.D.S.H. Gunewardena, Waruna Karunarathne & Thisara Pathirana, was invited for this event, which was considered as the foundation of Sri Lanka’s futuristic trends in 3D Printing.

Our research team enhanced and enriched the knowledge of the young school children, introducing them to Sot Robotics and associated technology while delivering a lecture on “Soft Robotics and Global Trends”. New concepts were visualized and experiences were shared with the youngsters on how to overcome the challenges faced by Soft Robotics as it emerges as a global trend.

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OUSL Team Delivering “Soft Robotics & Global Trends”


Moreover, the OUSL research team was invited to judge and evaluate the performances of the children, as they demonstrated their research and projects associated with 3D Printing. Guidance, support and encouragement were rendered to each team and the most significant moment was when the “Young Inventor” of the day was chosen.

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Workshop held at the OUSL to Introduce “3D Printing with Hands-on Experience” to Academic & Nonacademic Staff of the OUSL.

The OUSL Soft Robotics Research Team hosted a workshop to educate the academic and nonacademic staff of the university on 3D printings on 29th August 2017. At this workshop they shared their experiences and the challenges they faced while developing their “Hand Gesture Controlled and Manipulated Soft Robot” which won the first runners up in an international soft robotics challenge organized by the Harvard University. The knowledge shared through this venture enhanced the delivery of the guest lecture at the 3D Printing Camp held at the Mobitel X Station, Bambalapitiya.

In conclusion, all the events came to an end with the promise of a bright future for the 3D printing industry in Sri Lanka, as the participants departed with a touch of realism and sense of responsibility on how, when and why 3D Printing shall be the revolutionary transformation of Sri Lanka as we submerge into the depths of Soft Robotics as the pioneers in South Pacific Asia.