The complexity of today’s multicultural world tends to create barriers between people and is an important positive characteristic of many successful organizations. The ability to navigate within multicultural societies and across countries/cultural borders is currently a valuable and important skill. Recent progress in cross-cultural psychology research demonstrates how individual differences in social cognition and emotions can, in part, be explained by culture. These findings provide a basis for educators to expose students to issues related to cultural diversity within higher education settings. In addition, international education programs, that include exchange and study-abroad, may be effective tools to improve cultural awareness among college students. Several empirical studies indicate that short-term study abroad programs result in measurable increases in cultural awareness in college students. These findings suggest that higher education institutions possess several resources to improve students’ ability to succeed within multicultural societies and work places.

Dr. Brian Haas PhD

Dr BrianBrian Haas is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Georgia, USA, and is currently a Fulbright Teaching Scholar to the Kingdom of Bhutan. In Bhutan, he is teaching Research Methods at Sherubtse College. In the United States, he teaches classes on Cultural Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience and General Psychology. His research is designed to better understand the pathway between genes, the brain and social behavior in humans, and how culture is associated with how people feel and make decisions. Dr. Haas is actively engaged in international education study abroad programs, including the UGA Costa Rica and UGA Tanzania programs. On the UGA Tanzania program, he teaches small experiential learning style classes on Cultural Psychology and Social and Personality Development

Title : ‘Meeting of the minds: A psychological perspective on culture and international education’
Facilitator : Dr. Brian Haas PhD
Date : 6th June 2017 (Tuesday)
Time : 11.00 am to 12.00 noon
Venue : CETMe, The Open University of Sri Lanka, Nawala, Nugegoda