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MPhil Programme
Conducted by :
Dept. of Secondary and Tertiary, Faculty of Education
Programme duration :
M.Phil : 02 years
Ph.D. : 03 years
Discipline(s) / Course(s) :
The Department attempts to select the students with proven research ability and potential to contribute to high quality research in education for the research degrees. The students are chosen only for those areas for which expert guidance is available in the Department. To ensure that the theses submitted are of high quality and make an original contribution to knowledge, they are subjected to examination by independent examiners, one of whom is preferably from outside Sri Lanka.
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Registration Fee Rs. 1,000.00 Tuition Fee Rs. 10,000.00 Library Fee Rs. 1,000.00 Examination Fee Rs. 20,000.00 (M.Phil.) Rs. 30,000.00 (Ph.D.)
This MPhil programme is conducted by the department of Secondary and Tertiary, Faculty of Education. Contact the coordinator, xxxx for further details.
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