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You are welcome to the Department of Legal Studies (New Department Code - LL) of the Open University of Sri Lanka. Our Department conducts one first Degree Programme (LL.B) and one postgraduate Degree Programme (LL.M). LL.B Degree Programme is one of the most prestigious Law Degree Programmes offered by a National University in Sri Lanka.



To impart knowledge in law, legal values and ethics to student population in particular and the public in general in order to be the vanguards and protectors of legal rights of the humankind and of the motherland.



To create a knowledge-based society wherein the OUSL law graduates will be the engine and role-model to be emulated by others.


The broad aims and objectives of the LL.B Degree Programme

  • To guide and assist students to acquire knowledge in core courses in law with the necessary academic orientation in ODL environment.
  • To develop skills of intellectual reasoning, investigation and critical analysis.
  • To create an understanding of the law in action and of the role of law in contemporary society.
  • To cultivate the ability to analyze complex facts relating to modern issues and to apply law to contemporary realities.
  • To help students to develop advocacy skills, presentation and writing skills etc.
  • To develop skills in legal research and the ability to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to law.


Important Timelines

Dear Students

We are getting frequent emails asking when we will be releasing results and re-registering students.

As you know the lockdown took place soon after the Final Exams were completed.  The Department staff took some scripts home and these were marked during the lockdown.  When the university re-opened on the 11th, more scripts were distributed to marking examiners and marking is now in progress. We will complete marking as soon as possible, but as you know there are large numbers of scripts and courses in Levels 5 and 6 which are double marked. We are working as fast as possible but this takes time.

We will schedule re-registration as soon as possible but this will depend on the overall scheduling of all OUSL programmes.  We will also be re-structuring the delivery of the programme on the basis that students will not be able to attend Day Schools in the coming academic year.


We will keep you updated on these matters as soon as we have more information. Please check this page frequently. 

Take care and stay safe.


Thank you.

Head/Legal Studies