Many business enterprises in Sri Lanka belong to the small business category. Most of these enterprises are located outside the capital city of Colombo. Employment in the rural sector is also generated by small business ventures. The government has recognized the socio economic significance of the small business sector and has instituted policies to encourage and promote small business activities. Conditions conducive for small business ventures exist in Sri Lanka. In spite of this, many small ventures have failed or have suffered slow growth. Reasons for such failures appear to be related to selection procedures of the ventures and improper management of the business.

The Open University of Sri Lanka presents this programme to address these two crucial factors of business success, selection, and management of small business ventures. The structure of the programme and the approach to it are designed to ensure its usefulness as a training exercise for aspiring investors and businessmen and for those who aspire to become managers and other supportive staff in business organizations.

Programme Content 

    • MCC1201 Entrepreneurship
    • MCC1202 Managing a Small Business
    • MCC1103 Basic Statistics and Economics
    • MCC1204 Introduction to Marketing
    • MCC1105 Introduction to Operations Management
    • MCC1206 Introduction to Accounts & Finance
    • MCC1207 Project Report

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Programme Code :
Programme Category :
Advanced Certificate Programme
Conducted by :
Dept. of Management Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Programme Duration :
One Academic Year
Discipline(s) / Course(s) :
Issuing of Applications :
24th September 2017
Closing Date for Applications :
29th October 2017
Programme commencing date :

Total Course Fee - Rs. 19,500.00

Payments for this programme can be made in two installments as follows.

Installment I - Rs. 12,000.00 Installment II - Rs. 7,500.00

This Advanced Certificate programme is conducted by the Department of Management Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Contact the coordinator, Mr. Janaka Heenkenda for further details.
Address :
No. 28, ESBM Unit, Department of Management Studies, HSS Building, The Open University, Nawala, Nugegoda.
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