The Centre for Educational Technology and Media (CETMe) of The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) offers a six weeks fully online course on Online Tutoring and Mentoring. This course has been developed using a learner-centred Community of Practice Model where participants will reflect on their own practice and explore new ways in collaborating in an online learning environment.

AutoCAD is the world's leading Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and Modeling software with over 7 million users worldwide. The course is specifically tailored to fulfill the needs of users in any engineering discipline and is structured to provide comprehensive knowledge from basic 2D drawings to advanced 3D modeling and animation techniques.








The Short Course in Financial Accounting aims to introduce the key concepts and theories in Financial Accounting to the participants. This course equips students with skills such as, numerical and logical thinking, attention to details and analytical thinking, which are required for manipulating and organizing of financial data in order to make sound business decisions in an efficient and effective manner.

Centre for Educational Technology & Media (CETMe)