still photographyStill Photographs of major events of the OUSL. News clips all Departments, Divisions and Regional and Study Centres could be used as reference material for OUSL Publications, bulletins, exhibitions and websites

Audio Progvideo progProduce Programmes for the OUSL and Outside Institutions with the new Digital Studio equipment

engeng2The ENG unit carries out the function of recording Documentaries and Commercial Programmes.

VisualArt1VisualArt2Create graphics and illustrations for course material. Prepare cover designs, advertisements, Posters, Sign boards, leaflets and CD covers. Create 2D & 3D animation for media programmes.

editorialLanguage editing of all OUSL Publications. Transforming of original manuscripts according to ODL methodology. Editing of scripts for audio and video programmes. Provide advice on editorial style.

onlineDealsWeb Designing, Moodle Administration and Programme Coordination. Reviewing of Online courses.

ResearchTrainingTrain Academic staff to produce course material conduct workshops on writing of course material. Train staff to develop audio visual material carry out Open and Distance Learning (ODL) research. Also conducts International Workshops and Training Programmes.

dvd copyingThe new studio is equipped to copy around 300 CDs/DVDs in a single cycle. It also possesses facilities to print designs on CDs.

audioCopingThe Digital studio carries out audio/video cassette copying using ultra modern equipment.

audio dubDubbing foreign programmes in Sinhala and Tamil for the OUSL community.


Centre for Educational Technology & Media (CETMe)