The Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering program of OUSL is one of the major disciplines offered to produce higher level of technical and management grade graduates in the electrical engineering profession. This four year academic program specialized in the fields of planning, design, operation and control with an industrial training and an associated project component is specially designed to produce quality skillful electrical engineers.

Bachelor of Technology in electrical engineering courses are focused on planning, design, construction, reliability aspects,  operations and controls in the field of electricity generation, transmission and distribution. With the Hands-on experience they gather from the world established software tools installed in the power system laboratory, graduate students are well groomed to face the future challenges and work confidently in the field of electrical engineering.

Core courses of the Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering program consist of electro-mechanical energy conversion, Power system studies with protective measures, Power systems planning with reliability concepts, high voltage engineering with insulation coordination, necessary electronics/controls/communication/management and mathematics support. Also, students have the opportunity to select optional courses to enhance their knowledge from various other engineering disciplines.