# Supervisor Project Title
1 A study of green aspects of Sri Lankan Mobile communication sector Mr. DN Balasooriya
2 Analysis of distribution transformer failures Dr. KAC Udayakumar & Ms. Gayathri Sashikala
3 Analyzing of harmonic distortion of the low Voltage distribution network due to Domestic and small Scale industrial loads in north western province, Sri Lanka Dr. KAC Udayakumar
4 Artificially ripened fruit detector Mrs. H Pasqual
5 Automated money changer-Coins to notes Mr. WDSS Bandara
6 Automated quality checking system for glass bottles Mr. DS. Wickramasinghe/Mr. CJ Basnayakage
7 Automatic color temperature adjustable lighting system Mr. IA Premaratne
8 Bank note recognizer for blind people in Sri Lanka Mr. DN Balasooriya
9 Change of the pole height as a solution for the insulation flashover in the Mannar area. Dr. KAC Udayakumar
10 Cloud based infant caring system Mr. DS. Wickramasinghe
11 Demo board for speech recognition Mrs. H Pasqual
12 Design and developing a localization  & land mark Mr. CJ Basnayake
13 Design of automatic load frequency controller using fuzzy logic for Victoria hydro power station Eng. LA Samaliarachchi
14 Development of an optimized indoor positioning algorithm in LTE femtocell coverage Mr. DN Balasooriya
15 Development of Mahaweli complex generation control system in case of Kotmale-Biyagama 220kV Single transmission line outage Eng. LA Samaliarachchi
16 Electronic differential for rear wheel motor driven vehicles. Mr. IA Premaratne
17 Electronic differential for rear wheel motor vehicle Mr. IA Premaratne
18 Electronic money changer-Notes to coins Mr. WDSS Bandara
19 Electronic quality checker for bottled water Mr. DS. Wickramasinghe
20 Energy management system for a building Dr. KAC Udayakumar
21 Forward collision warning system for light vehicles Mr. IA Premaratne
22 Honey quality analyzer Mr. DN Balasooriya
23 Hotel room management system Mrs. H Pasqual
24 Hybrid powered lighting for push bicycles with dynamic breaking Mr. IA Premaratne
25 Intelligent gas cocker?   Given up this title…. Mrs. H Pasqual
26 IoT board for home automation Mr. DS. Wickramasinghe
27 Lightening threat activated switch Mr. DN Balasooriya
28 Low cost industrial laser range finder Mr CJ Basnayakege
29 Mail sorter Mrs. H Pasqual
30 Memory forensic analysis Dr. LSK Udugama
31 Object detecting and counting robot for stock taking met  Janaka
32 Online Green sand moisture measuring system for sand mixer Mr. CJ Basnayakege & DS Wickramasinghe
33 Optimum generation mix subjected to the minimum petroleum products utilization Eng. LA Samaliarachchi&Mr. GVB De Silva
34 Power failure analysis & identification of technical loss reduction and optimization of secondary distribution system Dr. KAC Udayakumar
35 Pre-collision detection for vehicles Dr. LSK Udugama & Ms.Nadeera
36 Remote alarm system Mr. CJSAH Perera
37 Robot development system Mr. CJ Basnayakage
38 Smart blood counter Dr. (Mrs) DDM Ranasinghe
39 Smart vehicle black box Mr. DS. Wickramasinghe
40 Study for capacity enhancement & cost benefit by the micro hydro power plant at Demodara Estate Dr. KAC Udayakumar & Ms. GayathriSashikala
41 Study for capacity enhancement & cost benefit by the micro hydro power plant at Demodara Estate Dr. KAC Udayakumar & Ms.GayathriSashikala
42 Supervisory protective and data acquisition (SPADA) system to minimize the break down time in Colombo-North Eng. LA Samaliarachchi
43 Surface water quality change prediction system (Kala-oya) Dr. (Mrs.) HUW Rathnayake & Dr.Bandunee
44 Underground water leakage detection system Mr. DS. Wickramasinghe
45 Use of Ariel Bundle Cable-Conductor  for the distribution lines in North Western Province Dr. KAC Udayakumar
46 Use of cathode ray Oscilloscope (CRO) as a storage oscilloscope Mr. IA Premaratne
47 Vehicle notifier for deaf Mr. DN Balasooriya
48 Voice activated home automation system for disabled people Mrs. H Pasqual
49 Warning alert system for assisting readers to control bikes in bad weather conditions Mr. IA Premaratne
50 Wearable health care monitoring system using smart phone Mrs. H Pasqual
51 Wi-Fi AP control and monitoring system Mr. CJSAH Perera
52 Dengue data management and threat minitoring system Mr. NR Prematilake