The Department of Mechanical Engineering developed the postgraduate diploma program for the practicing engineers who are attached to the management divisions in the industry and are desirous to upgrade their knowledge in engineering and industrial management. The program is structured to provide formal coursework as necessary and is designed to suit the critical needs in modern society for an engineering approach to solving problems relating to the interplay of people, productivity, information and management. The program educates you to develop, analyse and optimize processes and management in organizations to improve productivity, product quality and quality of labour and it will equip you with the ability to manage technical, business, and human performance processes to achieve corporate goals.

Those who successfully complete the Diploma in Industrial Engineering can continue and further their studies towards the Industrial Engineering Masters degree programme. The aim of the programme is to provide effective engineering managers who are able to drive their organisations to higher levels of achievement and thus contribute to organizational productivity through upgrading managerial talents. The Master degree is designed for university probationary lecturers also who needs a postgraduate research degree for qualifying to be confirmed in the post.

Sustainable power generation and utilization have become critical global issues, especially in the backdrop of depleting fossil fuel reserves and global environmental impacts. With the sharp increase in demand for electricity in domestic as well as commercial and industry sectors, Sri Lanka has to seriously pay attention to sustainable generation and use of energy to alleviate unfavorable impacts.