B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

# Topic Supervisor(s)
1 Gem stone indicator Dr. Ruminda Wimalasiri
2 Design and development of a concrete chipping machine Mr. DC Wijewardane and Mr. SamanWijewardana
3 Design  and development of stair climber Mr. DCWijewardane
4 Hybrid quality testing machine for PVC pipe Mr. RavinduLokuliyana
5 Optimazing the performance of fire tube boiler soot cleaning Dr. NeelGunasekara
6 Low cost renewable energy powered air conditioniner Mr. JHSKJayamaha
7 Design of a an coconut scraping machine Dr. NeelGunasekara
8 A suitable solid waste management system and the most suitable anaerobic digester system for DEC Mr. JHSKJayamaha
9 Development of purification system for Ayurvedic powder form drugs Dr. Ruminda Wimalasiri
10 Design and fabrication of PVC anaerobic biogas digester for domestic use Mr. Ravindu Lokuliyana
11 Cloth washing machine without electricity Mrs.PR Dedigamuwa and Mr. VR Jayasekara
12 Water purification system for domestic use in the areas affected by CKDu Mrs.PR Dedigamuwa and Mrs. TSS Jatunarachchi
13 Power generation from moving vehicles on the road ways Mr. VR Jayasekara
14 Efficient belt replacement machine Mr. HSL  Perera
15 Design  and development of pineapple processing machine Mr. DC Wijewardane
16 Reduce environment pollution during engine overhaulling process Dr. SDR Perera and Dr. Ruminda Wimalasiri
17 Design and development of environmental friendly and economical incinerator to dispose house hold waste Mr. VR Jayasekara
18 Household solid waste management for urban areas Mrs. TSS Jatunarachchi
19 Power saving passenger lift Dr. SDR Perera
20 Semi automated pump body drilling/tapping/boring machine for domestic water pumps Mr. DC Wijewardane and Mr. VR Jayasekara
21 Semi automated wire wrapping machine Mr. DC Wijewardane and Dr. Ruminda Wimalasiri
22 Design and implement of gutter cleaning system Mr. DC Wijewardane
23 Emotion recognition and expression based on human motion in service robot eye Mr. BGDA Madhusanka
24 Haptic teleoperation of steering system for UGV Mr. Rasika Nandana
25 IoT and image processing based smart automated water meter reader Mrs. EMHSK Ekanayake
26 Enabling IoT for hand gesture controlled soft robotic actuators Mr. PDSH Gunawardena and Mrs. TMDN Medagedara
27 Automated ceiling fan stator winding machine Mr. Rasika Nandana
28 Design and simulation of SMA based micro-gripper for biomedical application Mr. HSL Perera
29 The face and upper body emotion recognition for service robot eye in domestic environment Mr. BGDA Madhusanka
30 Vision based security alarm system using stance, object and face detection Mr. PDSH Gunawardena
31 Design  and development of autonomous drone for road surveying (levelling) Dr. Neel Gunasekara
32 Automated ventilation system for parked car Mr. Rasika Nandana
33 Autonomous landing and charging the survillancequard-copter Mr. Rasika Nandana
34 CNC for jigs moulding making Mr. VR Jayasekara
35 Development of automated surface protection system for Aluminium profiles Mr. DC Wijewardane
36 Semi-automated hook and eye attaching machine in garment industry Dr. Ruminda Wimalasiri
37 Bio signal base anatomical robotics hand Mr. WR De Mel
38 Bypass the motor nerve signals to enhance the functions of the distal segments in patients with complete neural transection Mr. WR De Mel
39 Providing remote laboratory facility for  B.Tech students Mr. WR De Mel
40 Early decetion of diseases by image processing with aid of iridology science Mr. WR De Mel
41 Vision based robot-assistance for wound dressing Mr. PDSH Gunawardena, Mrs. TMDN Medagedara, and Mr. BGDA Madhusanka
42 Adapting chameleon leg motion for a four leg robot locomotion Mr. PDSH Gunawardena and Mrs. TMDN Medagedara
43 Low cost growing bag filling machine for small and medium scale mushroom industry in SL Mr. HDNS Priyankara
44 Development of a mathematical model for 3-Dof spherical motor Mr. HDNS Priyankara
45 Implicit intention and activity of a human using sevice robot eye Mr. BGDA Madhusanka
46 Development of safety improvement vision based air bubble detection sensing device for hemodialysis process Mr. HDNS Priyankara
47 Smart phone application for translating Sri Lankan sign language Mr. HDNS Priyankara
48 Design and development of intelligent controller for dual-axis light tracking system Mr. HDNS Priyankara
49 Design of a cooling system for domestic cattle farm Mr. HDNS Priyankara
50 Automated solar panel cleaner Mr. DC Wijewardane and Mr. VR Jayasekara
51 Automated solution for controlling random fires on coal yards Mr. WR De Mel