This program is a 4 year degree program to provide in-depth knowledge and skill for the Textile and clothing industry employees at junior manager level and technical grades in the industry within the engineering profession. This will also provide an opportunity to upgrade management skills required to maintain an organization as senior managers.

Objectives of the program

  • The employees who are already in the Textile industry with lack of theoretical knowledge and engineering concepts will be able to maintaining and managing the industry satisfactory manner.
  • This program is ideal for a person who has a deep interest to build his carrier opportunities in the field of textile and clothing engineering.

Minimum Duration: 4 Years, entering only with A/L. Student entering with NDT can complete within minimum of two years.

Teaching mode: Distance mode - Limited face to face sessions in the form of lecture hours and laboratory work, printed course materials and online teaching (where available).

Medium of Instruction: English

Contents of the programme is included with Mathematics, Principles of electricity, Heat and fluids, Basic thermo fluids, Communicating information technology, Fibre science, Woven fabric technology, Yarn manufacture, Garment analysis and sewing machinery, Garment manufacture, Textile coloration, Quality assurance for textile and Apparel. Apart from the theoretical studies, there are laboratory work and industrial training as compulsory components. Laboratory classes will help to understand the function of machinery and equipments properly. Industrial training will help you to understand the industry environment and real job responsibilities. Further Knitting technology, Structure and properties of textile material, specialty fabrics, Plant utilities, Technical textile, Pattern development and Textile management and merchandizing will provide in depth knowledge about the whole process and the engineering concepts in machine design. The final year project will help to developed problem identification and analysis of root cause, research methodology, data collection & analysis and report writing.