No Supervisor Topic
1 A study to find out the effect of various dust particles on health of the workers in a selected garment factory Dr. MER Perera
2 Impact of visual merchandising in clothing online web sites on consumer buying behaviour Mr. WVL Kumara
3 Reducing the change over time in the sewing floor of ABC (Pvt) Ltd Mrs. TPGNT Alwis
4 Analysis of factors affecting labour turnover intention in a large scaled apparel industry in Sri Lanka Mrs. TPGNT Alwis
5 A study to improve the efficiency of the sample approval of the factory ABC Dr. MER Perera
6 Minimizing defects in the sewing department of ABC (Pvt) Ltd Mrs. TPGNT Alwis
7 Impact of social media on clothing retail business in Sri Lanka Mr. WVL Kumara
8 Analysing the strength and stiffness of sewn and bonded seams used in sportswear Dr. MER Perera
9 An investigation to find out the suitability of the extraction of the fruit of ArdisiaElliptica as a natural dye Dr. MER Perera
10 A process to improve the performance level of a Trainee Machine Operator up to 90% in three weeks Mrs. TPGNT Alwis
11 To improve OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of Stenter machineries Mr. WVL Kumara
12 Eco-friendly dyeing of cotton fabric using natural colourant extracted form CentellaAsiatica (Gotukola) Mr. WVL Kumara
13 Analysing of the success of the implementation of the GSD in a selected garment factory Dr. MER Perera
14 Analysis of the retention of the compression against washing of compression garments made of the knitted and printed techniques Dr. MER Perera
15 The factors affecting Voluntary Turnover Intention of employees in ABC company Mr. WVL Kumara
16 Investigation of the variation of Twill cotton fabric properties during garment washing Prof. CN Herath
17 A study on factors affecting purchase decisions of females for casual wear Mr. LSA Perera
18 An investigation of problems and challenges faced by handloom manufacturers in Sri Lanka Mr. MAI Perera
19 Reduce the quality rejections in the sample room of ABC (Pvt) Ltd Prof. CN Herath
20 Extraction of natural dye from the leaves of Ketakala (BrideliaRetusa) Mr. MAI Perera
21 Reduce internal operation cost Mr. LSA Perera
22 Investigate the problems faced by handloom Saree weavers in Kandy district Mr. LSA Perera
23 Effect of Knitted Stitch Length on the Physical Properties and Characteristics of Flat Bed Knitted 100% Cotton 1x1 Rib Fabrics Prof. CN Herath
24 Investigate the delays in embroidery department of XYZ (Pvt) Ltd and make suggestions to improve on time delivery Mr. WU Erandaka
25 Manufacturing a disposable paper bag using Reed fibres Mr. WU Erandaka
26 Dyeing silk fabric using Natural dye extracted from Amla Mr. MAI Perera
27 Sri Lankan coir fibre based reinforced concrete composite Prof. CN Herath
28 Developing natural dye using Henna leaves Mr. MAI Perera
29 Investigate improvement opportunities of on time delivery of colour samples of Soma Account at MDS Rathmalana Mr. WU Erandaka
30 Value added product from Pineapple leaf fibres Prof. CN Herath /Mr. MAI Perera