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The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) was established in 1980 as the premier Open and Distance Learning Institution in Sri Lanka where students and adults could pursue their studies through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) methodologies. OUSL has a long history of management education and commenced teaching management as early as in 1980. In its illustrious history of academic excellence, efficiency and equity we have contributed to the development of management education in Sri Lanka.

The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) of OUSL was established with the purpose of imparting management knowledge for the development of management skills and appropriate management attitudes. In pursuance of this broad objective, services are provided to a wide spectrum of clients comprising young school leavers, managers, public administrators and small and medium scale entrepreneurs. The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) comprises the Academic Departments of Organizational Studies (DOS), Accounting and Finance (DAF), Human Resource Management (DHR) and Marketing Management (DMM). The faculty is committed to the promotion of management education and research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, we offer management education from certificate level to PhD level through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) methodologies.

To be the premier Open and Distance Learning Management Education Faculty in Asia and ensure excellence, efficiency and equality in lifelong learning.

To enhance access to high quality, affordable, relevant, professional management education through Open and Distance Learning and ensure the highest standards of learning, teaching, research and scholarship, consulting and promoting partnership among academics, professionals, private and public sector institutions to achieve the wider objectives of the Faculty and the University, and to enhance national and global managerial capacities.

The proposed Faculty of Management Studies at the Open University of Sri Lanka shall commit to the realisation of the following objectives:

  • to provide high quality, student-centred learning experiences in management education through a variety of academic programmes/courses and research
  • to encourage research and development in the field of management and ODL.
  • to strengthen management education in all regions covering all districts islandwide through ODL technology
  • to cater to human capital needs of the private and public sector through upgrading knowledge, skills and attitudes of the practicing management professionals
  • to develop the capacity of counselling the public and private sector organizations for their organizational issues
  • to facilitate professionals to ensure career advancement through lifelong learning in management.
  • to be an authorized and reputed centre of excellence in management education at OUSL by collaborating with national and international institutions