The Diploma in Microbiology will not be conducted in 2017

Diploma Programme in Microbiology which is designed to cater to professionals who are in the relevant sectors, both private and government, and also those who wish to gain/upgrade knowledge and skills in the field of Microbiology with the aim of becoming professionals in the relevant field. The programme is to be conducted by distance mode as a blended online programme and will require only limited attendance for formal face-to-face activities

 This Diploma Programme in Microbiology is designed for those who: 

  • are already employed in variety of laboratories such as in crop research institutions, food and dairy industries, pharmaceutical industries, health sciences and other industries dealing with microorganisms
  • are working in secondary school laboratories where laboratory practicals are conducted for advanced level students
  • are interested in the subject and wish to be employed in a microbiological laboratory or microbiology related laboratory This will also provide the background and knowledge needed by every Quality Professional and Technical Leader whether in Production, Quality, Research and development, Validation, Engineering, or any other technical discipline. This is led by academic experts and industry; frequently incorporating case studies, hands on laboratory sessions and small group sessions to facilitate learning.

The course contains: Two theory based course units, a practical course unit (which will include field visits to the industry) and a research project. Two theory course units contain the following:

  • Introduction to Microbiology
  • Past, Present and Future of Microbiology
  • Microbial World
  • Growth of Microorganisms
  • Metabolism of Microorganisms
  • Control of Microorganisms
  • Bio-geo-chemical Cycling
  • Water Pollution and Treatment
  • Waste Control & Biodegradation
  • Microorganisms in Food
  • Food Spoilage and Preservation
  • Food-borne Diseases
  • Microbiological Safety of Food
  • Human Diseases/ Microorganisms & Health
  • Exploiting Microorganisms

The lab practical will help you to familiarise with the common laboratory experiments. Field Visits will give you a chance to observe the most advanced techniques used in Microbiology laboratories. The Research Project (Mini Project) improves your critical thinking and analytical skills to make you suitable for the society to conduct independent research.

Programme Code :
Programme Category :
Advanced Diploma Programme
Conducted by :
Dept. of Botany, Faculty of Natural Sciences
Programme duration :
One year
Discipline(s) / Course(s) :
Biology, Microbiology
  • Three (03) passes at G.C.E. (A/L) in Biology stream and
  • a Credit / B pass in English language at the G.C.E (O/L) examination Work experience in Microbiology would be an added advantage to follow the course
Issuing of Applications :
06th December 2015
Application closing date :
14th January 2016
Programme commencing date :


Application Fee: Rs.500/=
Course Fee: Rs. 50,000/=
Registration Fee: Rs.3,000/=
This Advanced Diploma programme is conducted by the department of Botany, Faculty of Natural Sciences. Contact the coordinator, Dr. K.O.L.C. Karunanayake, for further details.
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