botany socity


The Botanical Society of the Open University, established in 2010, is a society which works for the advancement of knowledge in the field of plant sciences. This society provides an arena for both student and staff to organize various activities to fulfill its objectives;

    To organize activities to stimulate interest in Botany and allied subjects
    To promote academic excellence and recognize good performance in the field of Botany
    To provide forum for the exchange of ideas with knowledgeable individuals from related academic and industrial fields

To encourage social interaction between undergraduate students, post-graduates and staff members.


President Dr. Chathurika Karunanayake
Vice president Mr. M.A.R.S Lakmal

Ms. Damitha Jayasundara

Ms. Yasara De Mel


Dr. Roshan Perera

Assistant Treasurer

Ms. Indrani Amarasinghe


Dr. Ramani Jayakody

Committee members Dr. Darshani Weerahewa
Ms. Pradeepa Perera
Dr. K.A J.M Kuruppuarachchi
Activity Tentative date

“Haritha Roo” Photographic competition

October/November 2016

Talk on “Phytoremediation and Bioleaching”

10th November, 2016

Food and Flora 2016

End November 2016

Naming of the saplings in the 0.9 acre plot in front of the Main library

End November

Excursion to “Riversten” and seminar on ‘Montane vegetation’

December 2016
Activity Date
Talk on Palmistry and health 6th April 2016
Participating ion the walk on “Global ocean Day’ 8th June, 2016
Talk on Cancer and treatment with ayurvedic medicine 21st July 2016
Participated in the Digital story workshop of NSF August 2016
Establishing of a Medicinal Plant plot in OUSL 14th September 2016
Talk on Medicinal plants and their uses 14th September 2016
        • Organization of cells and plant biochemistry BOU1101
        • Diversity of plants BOU1200
        • Genetics And Evolution BOU2101
        • Systematics of higher plants and animals BOU2102
        • Principles of microbiology BOU2103
        • Plant physiology BOU2200
        • Plant Pathology BOU3101
        • Soils and Plant Growth BOU3104
        • Horticulture BOU3209
        • Environmental Studies PCU3104

Presentations of Talks