The Department of Computer Science conducts the Certificate in Professional Computer Applications (CPCA) that would enhance the knowledge and skills of the students in Computer Applications.

For Whom:
School Leavers, Employees of Government Ministries, Departments, Corporations & Private Sector Employees, University Students and those who wish to enhance their knowledge in Office Applications.

This programme has the following course units:

      • CSC1201: Computer Applications
      • CSC1202: General Office
      • CSC1204: Web Applications

Programme Content
CSC 1201 - Computer Applications:

Introduction, Computer Fundamentals, Working Model of the Computer, Hardware Basics (Components of a Computer), Mathematics for General Computing, How to Assemble a PC, Operating Systems, File Organization in Computer Systems, MSDOS Operating System, Windows XP Operating System, File & Disk Management in Windows, Study of Essential Software Provided with Windows Operating System, Installation of Software and Drivers in Windows XP, Operating Systems Installation, Other Operating Systems, Word Processing Applications, Creating Presentations, Working with Databases, Computer Networks, Internet & Internet Applications, Internet Connectivity to Home & Office, World Wide Web, E-mail System & E-mail Clients, Computer Viruses & Prevention Techniques, Basic Troubleshooting on Computers

CSC 1202 - General Office:

Introduction to Word Processing, Introduction to Microsoft Office 2007, Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010, Editing, Proofing and Formatting a Text, Page Formatting, Working with Illustrations, Working with Objects, Working with Macros, Working with Large Documents, More Tips to work with Word 2010, Introduction to Excel 2010, Performing Calculations on Data, Changing Document Appearance, Creating Charts and Graphics, Automating Repetitive Tasks with Macros, Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, Working with Graphics, Images and Clips, Create Animations using PowerPoint 2010, Interfacing with Your Audience, Introduction to Database and Microsoft Access 2010, Working with Tables, Working with Forms, Create Queries to Selecting Records, Working with Reports, Introduction to Microsoft Visio, Introduction to Publisher, Working with Outlook Express, Introduction to MS OneNote, How to do an Assignment or a Research Project.

CSC 1204 - Web Applications:

Introduction to Web Designing, Introduction to Computer Network, Introduction to the Internet, Introduction to Computer Images, Introduction to Animations, Study about Available Website(S), Getting Ready for Web Development, Design your own Website, Introduction to HTML, Working with HTML Tags, Introduction to CSS, Introduction to Javascript, Javascript for Web Development, Introduction to XML, Introduction to PHP, PHP with Data Handling, PHP Error Handling, Working With MySQL Databases, Introduction Data Access through MySQL, Introduction to Dreamweaver, Internet Forum Applications, Working with Linux Environment, Content Management Systems, Project in Web Application.



Programme Code :
Programme Category :
Certificate Programme
Conducted by :
Dept. of Computer Science, Faculty of Natural Sciences
Programme duration :
Minimum 06 months
Discipline(s) / Course(s) :
Computer Science
Pass in English Language at G.C.E (Ordinary Level) or an equivalent qualification.
Issuing of Applications:
01st July 2019
Closing Date for Applications:
24th November 2019
Programme Commencing Date:
24th November 2019

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The programme fee for a student will be Rs. 25,000.
This Certificate programme is conducted by the department of Computer Science, Faculty of Natural Sciences. Download Brochure for more details or Contact the coordinator, Silva for further details.
Address :
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Natural Sciences, OUSL,Nawala, Nugegoda.
Contact :
0112881278, 0713266868, 0769969991
Email :
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