Notice Board

Extension of deadline to Register for Final Exams- B.Sc. 2016/2017 Semester 1 through MyOUSL [2017-06-20 15:03:02]
Important Notice to students B.Sc. Degree Programme - Faculty of Natural Sciences OUSL. The period to register for Final Examinations through MyOUSL, Academic Year 2016/2017 - Semester I has been extended till 23rd June 2017. Note: • Admission forms to sit for Final Examinations will not be sent to the students who have not registered for Final Examinations through MyOUSL during the above period. • Such students will not be accepted to sit for the Final Examinations. 20th March 2017 Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences
Applications for verification of Final Exam Results- B.Sc. Degree 2015/2016 Semester II [2017-03-10 11:59:26]
Requests for verification of Final Examination of B.Sc. Degree 2015/2016 Semester 2 will be accepted ONLY UP TO 24TH MARCH 2017. Applications are available in the Dean's office, in Regional Centres, and downloadable from the Faculty webpage. Incorrect/incomplete/late applications will be rejected.
Conducting B.Sc. CATs in Badulla and Kurunegala Regional Centres [2017-02-20 12:26:53]
CATs of B.Sc. Degree will be conducted in all eight Regional Centres including Badulla and Kurunegala Regional Centres with effect from the academic year 2016/2017. If you wish to sit for the CATs of B.Sc. Degree programme-2016/2017 Semester I either in Badulla or Kurunegala , you are required to make a written request to the Assistant Director of the relevant Regional Centre (i.e. either Badulla or Kurunegala) informing the course codes of the CATs on or before 12th March 2017.
Undergraduate Handbook 2016/2017 [2016-03-23 14:28:19]
Dear students, If you are registered student of the 2015/2016 batch and have not collected the Undergraduate Handbook yet, please collect it from the Dean's Office, Faculty of Natural Sciences. Assistant Registrar, NSc.