The PostGraduate Institute of English (PGIE) was established at the Open University of Sri Lanka by the University Grants Commission under the Universities Act No 16 of 1978. The establishment of this institution by the UGC underscored the importance of English as a language of academic and national importance. The PGIE was, in fact, set up as a result of far- reaching reforms that sought to improve the quality and scope of education in this country. One of the major thrusts of these reforms was the strengthening of English language teaching and learning so that educational and employment opportunities could be extended among all levels of Sri Lankan society, and also a recognition of the fact that neglect of English and English teaching over two decades since the 1960s had led to scholastic impoverishment across all branches of learning. This neglect had affected in particular, university and tertiary level students and thus impinged on the development of the country as a whole. In 2004 therefore, the Standing Committee on English, a committee  that included Heads of  university English Units, proposed that an institution should be set up to enhance  the  development of English teachers and to be, among other things,  national centre of excellence for training and professionalism in English Teaching.

The PGIE was therefore established in December 2005 at the Open University of Sri Lanka, to take advantage of the mode of Distance Education that this university practiced. It was felt that using Distance Education techniques would permit the institution to reach out to teachers across the island in a manner that was not possible through conventional means. In 2006, Professor Ryhana Raheem, Professor of English at the Open University was appointed founder Director of the PGIE.

Prof. Malkanthi Chandrasekera Chairperson, Standing Committee on English
Dr. H. Ratwatte Acting Director, PGIE
Dr. Sunil Jayantha Nawaratne Secretary, Ministry of Higher Education
Mrs. H. M. N. S. Gunawardene

Director General/Dept. of Legal Affairs, Ministry of Finance and Planning

Dr. G. Kodituwakku

Actg Asst. Director General/Faculty of Languages,

Humanities & Social Sciences, National Institute of Education

Prof. N.R. Arthenayake Representative OUSL Council
Prof. G.D. Lekamage Representative OUSL Senate
Prof. S. Walter Perera Professor in English, Dept. of English, University of Peradeniya
Prof. Neluka Silva Head/Dept. of English, University of Colombo
Dr. D. Mendis Senior Lecturer/Dept. of English, University of Colombo
Dr. D. Devendra Head/Language Studies, OUSL
Mr. V. Suntharesan Head/English Language Teaching Centre, University of Jaffna
Dr. J. Manatunga Head/English Language Teaching Centre, University of Moratuwa
Ms. Dilini Walisundara Head/Dept. of English, University of Sri Jayawardenepura
Mr. Chandima de Silva Senior Lecturer/Dept. of Statistics and Computer Science, University of Kelaniya
Dr. H. Ratwatte Representative of  the Board of Study for TESL
BOS for Teaching English as a Second Language
Dr. H. Ratwatte Chair, Acting  Director/PGIE
Prof. M. Gunasekera  Professor of English, University of Kelaniya
Dr. W.M. Seneviratne Librarian, OUSL
Dr. Radhika de Silva Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Language Studies, OUSL.
Dr. V.V. Medawattegedera Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Language Studies, OUSL.
Ms. L. Cumaranathunge Visiting Academic, PGIE
Ms. P. Nagasundaram Visiting Academic, PGIE
Ms. H.D. Wijesekera Students’ Representative
Mr. S. Krishnamoorthy Students’ Representative

BOS for Teaching Literature