The Industry Liaison Center of OUSL introduces a short course in Android Application Development for Technology Entrepreneurs.

For Whom:


Those who are interested in using Android Apps to create Startup ventures

Programme Content:


The short course will comprise of classroom theoretical sessions and practicals.


Unit 1: Introduction to Kotlin

Unit 2: Null References and Data Types Handling in Kotlin

Unit 3: OOP and Kotlin

Unit 4: Conditional Operates and Loops in Kotlin

Unit 5: Lambda Expressions, Collections, and Generics

Unit 6: File I/O

Unit 7: Java Interoperability

Unit 8: Kotlin in Practice

Final Project

Programme Code :
Programme Category :
Certificate Programme
Conducted by :

Industry Liaison Center, Open University of Sri Lanka

Programme duration :

30 hours (5 sessions of 6 hours each )

Discipline(s) / Course(s) :

Computer Science

  • Admission: Applicant should be over 17 years of age.

Issuing of Applications:

20th  August 2019

Closing Date for Applications:

18th  September 2019

Programme Commencing Date:
 22 September 2019




  • Rs.30,000.00/=

This Certificate Programme is conducted by the following resource persons.

1. Mr. Chatura Dilan Perera (CV Attached)

    Bachelor of ICT, University of Colombo,

    MSc in IT, University of Colombo

    Chief Technology Office, Ceyleon,

    Visiting Lecturer, University of Colombo

2. Dr. A. P. Madurapperuma,

   Senior Lecturer. Open University of Sri Lanka

3. Eng. Nadeeshani Pragnaratne,

    Manager, Industry Liaison Center,

    Bachelor of Software Engineering, Open University of Sri Lanka

For further information please contact, Program Coordinator, Eng. Nadeeshani Pragnaratne, Manager Industry Liaison Center, Open University of Sri Lanka. 

Address :

Industry Liaison Center,

Open University of Sri Lanka, Nawala, Nugegoda

Contact :
0112888667 / 0703502765 
Email :

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