The short course in Auto CAD 2D & 3D Modeling aims to introduce the key concepts and theories in Auto CAD while comparing and contrasting them with the ‘actual’ Auto CAD practices.

Programme Content

        AutoCAD 2D

      1. Introduction to AutoCAD
      2. Work with Commands
        Absolute Coordinate System, Relative Rectangular Coordinate System, Relative Polar Coordinate System, Angle Measurement –Relative to last Segment& Exercises Lessons Rectangle, Circle, Offset, Rotate, Trim, Polygon, Mirror, Copy, Move
      3. Fillet, Construction line, Polar Array, Rectangular Array, Point Style, Point, Divide& Exercises Lessons
      4. Revision Cloud, Hatch, Gradient, Layer, Pan, QuickCalculator, Polyline, Spline, Stretch, Scale, Break, Break at Point, Explode, Chamfer, Extend, Join& Exercises Lessons
      5. Inset Table, Dimension Style Manager, Isometric Views, Properties & Exercises, Lessons.
      6. Make Block, Insert Block, Design Center, Create Donut, Copy, Paste, Cut, Match Properties, Purge, Raster Image Reference & Exercises Lessons
      7. Exercises Lessons of Basic Electrical Circuit Diagrams
      8. Printer and Plotter, Papersize, Plotarea, Plotoffset, Plot Scale, Plot Style Table, Plot Options, Drawing Orientation, Preview Exercises, Lessons of Basic House Plans
      9. Exercises Lessons of Basic Electrical Plan and Introduction to Electrical Symbols.
      10. AutoCAD 3D

      11. Visual Style Toolbar, View Toolbar, Orbit Toolbar, Modeling Toolbar, Region & Exercises Lessons
      12. Slice, Revolve, Sweep, Loft, Fillet Radius, UCS & Exercises Lessons
      13. 3D Dimension, 3DText, Render, Animation& Exercises Lessons

Programme Category :
Short Programme – (CERC Project)
Conducted by :
Colombo Regional Centre
Programme duration :
Four (4) Months ( Sunday 9.00 am – 2.00 pm)
Course Hours – 80 hrs
Entrance is open for anyone over 18 years of age.
Closing Date for Applications:
(Limited to 20 students)First-come-first-served basis
Programme Commencing Date :
17th January 2018

How to Apply

Application & Bank Paying Slip can be obtained from the Public Information Office (PIO) at the Colombo Regional Centre (Nawala Entrance). The filled application & Bank Paying Slip (university copy) should be returned to the office of the Colombo Regional Centre (open on Weekdays and Saturdays).

More details on 011 2881 156/011 2881 464/011 2881 380

Course fee for a student will be Rs. 15,000/= (per head)
Expected intake is 20 students per batch.
The short programme is conducted by the Colombo Regional Centre. For more details contact the Assistant Director.
Address :
Assistant Director - Colombo Regional Centre,
The Open University of Sri Lanka,
Nawala, Nugegoda.
Contact :
0112881464, 0112881380,0112881156
Email :
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.