This spoken Tamil course aims to introduce the basics of spoken Tamil. The interesting activity-based lessons are specifically designed to improve the speaking ability of students with activities focusing on practical day-to-day speaking situations.

Programme Content

      • Self introduction
      • Using question words like Where, When, What, How, How much, How many, Which and Why
      • Introduction to Grammar. Eg: nouns, verbs, adjectives
      • Making short sentences
      • Introduction to the tenses
      • Short dialogues at different places like the market, restaurant, hospital, post office and the bank
      • Introduction to colors
      • Introduction to comparative words
      • How to talk about your work place
      • How to talk about your hobby
      • How talk about transport facilities in Sri Lanka
      • How talk about schools and education
      • Presentations. E.g.: Dialogues, public speech
      • A scene at a Railway station, journey by train



Programme Category :
Short Programme – (CERC Project). Approved by the Department of Language Studies
Conducted by :
Kalutara Study Centre
Programme Duration :
Four (4) Months (Sunday 01.00 – 4.00pm)
Course Work – 13 weeks
Presentation– 3weeks
Medium :
Entrance is open for anyone over 18 years of age who wants the best start in Spoken Tamil. (Applications are also welcome from people who may not have been engaged in formal education for some time)
Issuing of Applications :
08th April 2017
Closing Date for Applications :
06th of May 2017
Programme commencing date :


Course fee for a student will be Rs. 10,000/= (per head)
For more detail Contact: Assistant Director
Address :
Assistant Director, 66/2, Nagoda Road, Kalutara
Contact :
0342223399, 0343949160
Email :
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