This spoken Tamil course aims to introduce the basics of spoken Tamil. The interesting activity-based lessons are specifically designed to improve the speaking ability of students with activities focusing on practical day-to-day speaking situations.

Programme Content

      • Self introduction
      • Using question words like Where, When, What, How, How much, How many, Which and Why
      • Introduction to Grammar. Eg: nouns, verbs, adjectives
      • Making short sentences
      • Introduction to the tenses
      • Short dialogues at different places like the market, restaurant, hospital, post office and the bank
      • Introduction to colors
      • Introduction to comparative words
      • How to talk about your work place
      • How to talk about your hobby
      • How talk about transport facilities in Sri Lanka
      • How talk about schools and education
      • Presentations. E.g.: Dialogues, public speech
      • A scene at a Railway station, journey by train



Programme Category :
Short Programme – (CERC Project). Approved by the Department of Language Studies
Conducted by :
Kalutara Study Centre
Programme Duration :
Four (4) Months (Sunday 01.00 – 4.30pm)
Course Work – 13 weeks
Viva and Presentation– 3weeks
Medium :
Entrance is open for anyone over 18 years of age who wants a best start in Spoken Tamil for a successful career.(Applications are also welcome from people who may have been away from formal education for some time)
Issuing of Applications :
08th June 2018
Closing Date for Applications :
14th June 2018
Programme commencing date :



Course fee for a student will be Rs. 10,000/= (per head)
For more detail Contact: Assistant Director
Address :
Assistant Director, 66/2, Nagoda Road, Kalutara
Contact :
034 22 23 399, 03422 23 286
Email :
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