The Gampaha Study Center of the Open University of Sri Lanka was established in December 2008, with the intention of fulfilling the higher educational needs of the citizens living in Gampaha District. People of the area have been highly motivated for decades towards education and the life-long learning through Open and Distance Learning methodologies would be one of their impending whims.

Since the year 2009, hundreds of students disregarding their age or background, assembled to our Elementary Computer Laboratory to gain knowledge of Computer Science and Information Technology through the popular Computer Awareness Programme. In Addition to this programme, our center conducts many educational programmes leading to certificates, diplomas, degrees and postgraduate diplomas in the various fields such as education, engineering, management, language studies etc. We possess nice collection of class rooms with multimedia and internet facilities. Our auditorium can be accommodated 80 – 100 students.

We also operate a Nodes Access Center under the patronage of the Ministry of Higher Education within our Study Center premises and many students of the area are gradually becoming the patrons of it.

As the Regional Officer of the Gampaha Study Center I am proud to say that we have been able to conduct Day-Schools for about ten OUSL progammes within the very short period of setting up this Study Center. Not only our own regular programmes but also, we have allocated our premises to conduct the other programmes such as IT and English training programmes conducted by the Ministry of Higher Education for the newly recruited undergraduates. In a sense, we have a satisfied feeling that our buildings are highly utilized. As staff members of the Gampaha Study Center our responsibility is to provide you the best possible support services. Among them distributing of course materials, distributing and collecting of assignments, providing mini-library facilities, student registration activities, reservation of computers at the Elementary Computer Laboratory, conducting Revision Tests, Continuing Assessment Tests and Final Examinations are prominent. This center is mainly for the residents of the Gampaha District and henceforth there will be no reason for you to succumb to disappointment where matters of distance education are concerned. Even if you are already a student attached to some other Regional or Study Center of the OUSL and having an issue with your study programme be sure to see our lectures or any staff member while something can still be done. I am sure you all will have an active counseling system at our premises and you need to make use of it to the maximum.

In conclusion as the Regional Officer of this newly built Study Center, I am pleased to invite all the residents of the district who wish to quench their thrusts for higher education, to visit us and see the marvels that can be done by means of the Distance Learning.

Gampaha town is located in the center of Gampaha District. Gampaha town is about 4 km from Miriswatta on Colombo-Kandy road. Our Study Center is located at the Miriswatta Junction.

The City of Gampaha, starts just three and half kilometers away from Miriswatta junction – at the Colombo-Kandy main road. The Gampaha Study Center of the Open University is situated at Mudungoda (just opposite to the RDA office) by the side of the Gampaha – Colombo road, which is quite close to the Miriswatta Junction.

Gampaha enjoys nice type of weather and its surroundings are gorgeous. There are many historical places such as the old railway station of Henarathgoda, Ancient Raja Maha Vihara of Pilikuththuwa, the kingdom of Udugampola and many more. The well-known botanical garden of Asgiriya adds magnificence to the city.


Postal Address - OUSC, Gampaha Road, Mriswatta, Mudungoda.

Telephone - 033-2234571

Fax - 033-2234571