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Our definition of a policy
A set of guidelines or decisions that determine and underline the way individuals or groups of people think and behave in a certain social, cultural, economic and political environment. It is important to note that policy is not always in written form, but rather may be implied through practice.
This is particularly true for individuals and informal group organizations. Policies help to determine our conduct in a particular setting so that social harmony and peace are maintained and our welfare is secured.

Policy impact and implementation
Policies are made for various reasons, but they aim to have an impact on individuals or groups in community. Therefore, policies need to be carefully planned to achieve the desired effects on people. A policy that is not carefully formulated or planned or that fails to address the concerns of almost all the stakeholders may bring about harmful effects. To ensure that policies are properly implemented, planning and formulation should involve as many people as possible, especially those who will be affected by the policy.

The growing importance of youth policy
Some countries of the Commonwealth that do not yet have a national youth policy have instead a range of policies from other policy sectors that either deal directly with young women and men or significantly influence their lives and well being. Education and health are two sectors whose policies affect young people in this way.

The low status accorded to youth policy in some Commonwealth countries may soon change as more people come to realize the importance of youth in the social, economic and political development of a nation. The Commonwealth Secretariat is committed to advocating youth issues across Commonwealth countries and promoting youth action, participation and inclusion in policy issues. In this regard, the Secretariat periodically organizes Ministers’ meetings that comprise senior government officials and youth representatives of the Commonwealth. These meetings are pivotal in involving youth in strategic decision-making and keeping governments accountable for the implementation of resolutions.

Investing of Youth Policy
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