Welcome to CPD MOOCs on Adoption of OER and OEP

This is an initiative of The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL), supported by the Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA). The goal of this initiative is to raise awareness on the potentials of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Educational Practices (OEP) among practitioners from any field of study.

This whole initiative comprises four CPD MOOCs to support participants solve authentic and real-world problems and issues that they are likely to be facing in their workplaces in relation to adopting OER and OEP.

A defining characteristic of these MOOCs is their unique design, which is, scenario-based learning. Learning scenarios have been carefully crafted to reflect the kind of problems, issues and challenges that practitioners are likely to be confronting in their environments.

We expect that your journey through these CPD MOOCs will be a productive one, and one that is effective, efficient and engaging!


The goal of this initiative is to raise awareness on the potentials of OER and OEP among practitioners from any field of study.


The overall aim of this suite of courses is, enabling development of competencies in the integration of OER and adoption of OEP among practitioners.


These courses are best suited for practitioners from educational institutions. Yet, interested practitioners from any other professions are also welcome.


Each one of these MOOCs runs for over 4 weeks. Participants can work through these MOOCs in any order, depending on their needs and preferences.


There are no formal prerequisites to enrol in any of the courses. Each CPD MOOC is independent, and you may enrol in any CPD MOOC of your interest.


Open Badges of Achievement/Participation will be issued to the participants who successfully complete the course requirements.

Commencing Dates        CPD MOOC Learning Outcomes(Learners should be able to)
19 October 2018 Understanding OER

1.Explain the concept of OER.

2.Identify different license types for OER for specific needs.
19 October 2018 Searching and Evaluating OER

1.Search for different types of OER using common search engines.

2.Evaluate OER for their quality and suitability.
28 December 2018 Adapting and Creating OER

1.Adapt existing OER to meet different purposes.

2.Create different types of OER.
28 December 2018 Integrating OER and Adopting OEP

1.Develop a plan to integrate OER in your professional practice.

2.Devise strategies to adopt OEP in professional practice.


Research Team Members


Shironica P. Karunanayaka, EdD
Professor in Educational Technology
Dean/Faculty of Education, OUSL
Som Naidu, PhD, D.Litt.
Pro-Vice Chancellor/Flexible Learning,
Professor & Director/Centre for Flexible Learning,USP
   J.C.N. Rajendra, PhD
Senior Professor in Physics
Director/International Relations,OUSL
  S. Anbahan Ariadurai, PhD
Senior Professor in Textile & Apparel
Vice Chancellor, OUSL
Resource Persons


D.D.M. Ranasinghe, PhD
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering
Technology, Director/SDC, OUSL
S. Ruvinie Hettiarachchi, PhD
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Natural Science, OUSL
   M.N.K. De Soyza
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Natural Sciences,OUSL
  S. A. S. K. Perera
Lecturer, Faculty of Education,OUSL
I. A. Premaratne
Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering Technology,
   T. C. Sandanayake, PhD
Senior Lecturer,
Faculty of IT, UoM
   K.G.S.K. Perera
PhD Candidate,OUSL;
Former Senior Lecturer, NIE