1. When will registering of New students happen (those who could not register in March) ?
  • Last 2 weeks of August 2020
  • Students will be called by Regional Center Offices on 18th, 19th, 20th of August 2020
  • Academic counselling will be done on 22, 2020(where necessary)
  1. When does the Programmes commence?

Activities will commence from 26th December 2020

  1. Is there a possibility to change the courses I have registered on a later date?
    1. You can add or drop courses during the Add/Drop period, i.e. Jan 7, 2021 – Jan 9, 2021
    2. You can drop coursesafter Add/Drop till Feb 6, 2021 without being marked as repeat. However, course fees will not be refunded.
  2. What are the registration dates for re-registering students ?
    Dec 11, 2020- Dec 22, 2020
  3. How many subjects (courses) can be taken in an academic year? 
  • Minimum-08 Credits
  • Maximum-38 Credits
    Number of courses depend on the credit rating of each course.
  1. What is the course fee?
    For BTechHons (Eng) and BISHons programmes,
    Rs 1350 per credit at Levels 3-4
    Rs 2100 per credit at Levels 5,6,7
    Rs 2800 per credit for courses in Diploma in Information Systems and Technology (DIST)
    Rs 3000 per credit for courses in BSEHons
  1. What if I don’t have 3 A/L passes?
  • You can enrol in the Advance Certificate in Science (former Foundation Programme for Science) and complete the coursesthat are equivalentto the subjects in A/L
  • If you have any qualifications other than A/L you have to apply for exemptions for entry. Equivalent credits and subject matter to cover subjects at A/L will be assessed on individual basis.
    • Requests should be handed over to Dean’s office before the stipulated deadline
  1. When do you conduct classes?
  • Dates will be given in the Activity diary.
  • Most of the day schools are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Few courses from each department will start from September 2020 for new students.
  • Officially, other courses will commencein thelast week of December 2020 after Final exam results are given for the current students.
  1. What is the Prgramme duration
  • BTechHons(Eng) – Minimum Duration will be 05 academic years.
  • BISHons – Minimum Duration will be 04 academic years.
  • BSEHons – Minimum Duration will be 04 academic years.
  1. How can I get exemptions for prior qualifications?

Application form can be downloaded from faculty web page. Also given in pages 74-78 of the Student  Guidebook 2020/2021

  • BTechHons(Eng) –In Student Guidebook 2020/2021, pg. 34-41
  • BISHons – In Student Guidebook, 2020/2021, pg.  55-58
  • BSEHons- In Student Guidebook 2020/2021, pg. 65-66
  1. About lectures – TheFaculty does not conduct lectures. Conducted face-to-face sessions are called Day schools
    *   Where do you conduct Day schools ?
  • Some of the Level 03 courses at all Regional Centers
  • All other courses at Colombo Regional Centre(CRC)

    *  What are the lecture hours?

From 8.00 am – 5.30pm,

          *  How do you conduct classes?

Dayschools are usually face to face teaching sessions and Lab classes are practical oriented sessions.

  1. What is the medium of instruction?

Medium of instruction for Diploma and Degree programmes in the faculty is English.

  1. Are there any lab practical sessions?
    1. Refer the Activity Diary for Lab classes.
  1. How can I book Practicals?

At the time of registration lab groups are given to students. 

  1. How can I select subjects in disciplinary way?

Refer Student Guide book pages given below. But if You have any doubts you can contact any academic staff member and get the advice with a prior appointment.
BTech program-pg 35-43
BIS program-pg 65-71
BSE program-pg 88-89
DSIT program-pg108

  1. What are the entry requirements?

Please refer the relevant pages of the Student Guidebook 2020/2021.

  • BTechHons(Eng) – In Student Guidebook 2020/2021, pg. 12
  • BISHons – In Student Guidebook, 2020/2021, pg.  44
  • BSEHons – In Student Guidebook 2020/2021, pg. 60
  • DIST – – In Student Guidebook 2020/2021, pg. 68
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