Prof. Anton Piyarathne


Social Studies
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Head of the Department

Central Campus, 1st Floor, HSS Building, Nawala, Nugegoda

Office: +94-11-2881221, Ext: 221 Mobile: 0707500255


BA (Colombo), MA (Colombo), PhD (Macquarie-Australia)

Area of Specialization:

Anthropology, Sociology

Research Intrests:

Identity Construction and Negotiations/ Ethnicity, Nationalism and Citizenship/ Youth, Conflict and Social Justice/ Citizenship and Democracy/ Social Change and Every Day Social Lifeworld/ Religion, Pilgrimage, Rituals and Religious movements/ Subjectivity, Inter-subjectivity and Objectivity/ Existential Social Realities

Programmes Coordination:

Mphil/PhD Coordinator


2017. Review of The Use of Confessionary Evidence under the Counter-Terrorism Laws of Sri Lanka. In Australian Journal of Anthropology 28 (3): 384-385.

2017. The Contribution of Religious Rituals to Link Conflicting Sinhalas and Tamils in Sri Lanka. Research Process 5 (1 & 2): 47-56.

2017. Collective Ritual as a Way of Transcending Ethno-religious Divide: The Case of Kataragama PŽ�da YŽ�trŽ� in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Journal of Social Sciences 40 (1): 41-52. DOI: Published on 29 June 2017.

2014. Construction of Social Lives in Ethno-politically Ruptured Sri Lanka. International Journal of Social Science and Humanity 4 (6), Pp. 443-450.

2013. Native Subjectivity as a Means for Uncovering the Truth Human and Minority Rights in Sri Lanka. Humanity 2013 – Subjective/ Objective.

2011. Longing for Equal Status: Impact of Housing Interventions on Identity and Status of Indian Origin Tamil Resettlers from Two Selected Plantations in Sri Lanka.  Sri Lanka Journal of Social Sciences 31/32(1-2): 47-63.

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