Research Unit

Director / Research Unit
Prof. Shyama R. Weerakoon
Senior Professor of Botany

The key mandate of universities world over is mainly teaching and research. However, this mandate has been relegated in many universities in Sri Lanka. High quality university education involving training and research not only provides the human capital for socio economic development but also transforms individuals and societies through poverty reduction and increased global competitiveness.

The Open University of Sri Lanka(OUSL) recognizes that developing the capacity of its academic staff by providing them with opportunities to engage in research would pave path to explore and validate novel ideas in research, innovation and other intellectual activities. This would, in turn, contribute to national development in the long term. Thus, on the initiative and recommendation of the Vice Chancellor,the OUSL established the Research Division in February 2014 to serve as a vehicle to spearhead its research mandate. This Division is headed by the Director, Research.


The Division of Research will advance the academic and research mission of the university while promoting a culture that exemplifies excellent service, transparency, collaboration and innovation.


The Division of Research promotes faculty, staff and student success by facilitating collaborative and innovative research, scholarship and creative activities. The Division strives to expand research and national development, integrate research with instruction and public service, and foster cross disciplinary collaboration.


  • Create an environment of innovation:

The OUSL with the support ofitsResearch Division will bring together research and education acrossa broad spectrum of science, engineering, social science, management and otherareas in order to foster multidisciplinary discoveries and inventions that arise through the mixing of students, faculty and researchers across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

  • Integrate education and research:

In addition to course work, students will participate in research throughout their education; each faculty member will both teach and engage in research, in order to foster excellence and creativity.

  • Lay the foundation for a high level research in the university that will help attract, create and retain local talents within the island.

Core Values: 

  • Excellence
  • Ethical and accountable conduct
  • Academic integrity and regulatory compliance
  • A diverse and inclusive community of people, ideas, and research initiative

Proposed Activities:

  • Provide funds, necessary infrastructure and incentives for research to support aspiring researchers.
  • Seek funding for specific projects that are of national or international interest from donor agencies.
  • Organization of training seminars and workshops for proposal writing and dissemination of knowledge through publications.
  • Organization of research symposiums with international collaboration
  • Establishment of a grant scheme for innovations.
  • Developing a database of potential donors for research projects.
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