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Definition of Yoth Policy Forum

A Youth Policy Forum (YPF) is a mechanism that has been set up to enable you, the public, to provide your input into the NYP. It is a 3 member panel made up of distinguished and respected persons from each province. The main objective of the panel is to understand the issues facing young people clearly and also to find out from the public their ideas for improving the lives of young people. This panel will come to your district for one day that will be informed to you in advance. You can make a submission to the YPF in your district. 

Any member of the public or any organization interested in youth issues can make a submission to the YPF. We encourage all of you to participate in these forums. 

You can personally attend a YPF on the day that it is meeting in your district and present your ideas about the NYP orally or in writing. You can also post your submissions to the address provided in this leaflet or email your submissions to the address that is provided.

The NYSC District Coordinator will be responsible for the forum in each district. The Social Studies Department of the Open University of Sri Lanka is responsible for providing technical input for the YPF. 

These forums will be held in a publicly accessible place. The places where the forums will be held will be notified through the media and through posters. Please watch out for more information about the time and place where the forum will be held in your district.

There will be media campaign to create awareness about these forums. Additionally, you can obtain information about these forums from the contact details provided in this leaflet. The NYSC district coordinator will also provide you with information. 

You can contribute your ideas in any language you choose. 
National Youth policy Unit, Faculty of Humalities & Social Sciences, Open University of Sri Lanka.   Tel:0112881300